New Victoria build

Just thought I should introduce myself here. I am new to R/C sailing.
but sailed M, C, and E scows when I was much much younger. LOL
Lots of experience with R/C planes and currently fast electric boats.

The sailboat bug has bit me again, 25 or so years later.

Currently I have been working on some cad drawings for mounting
the servos.

one uses a servo plate suspended from the deck using 1" threaded
spacers that you can buy at the hardware store. And held in place
by 4 screws through the deck. (crazy?)

The second is more typical, and has a layout that will allow for
pull-pull rudder. And reinforcement for keel. Parts will be laser-cut
ply.or maybe E-glass.(I cannot laser-cut the latter though)

The files are converted from cad so I hope they don’t look to bad.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


There are some websites with information on upgrading a Victoria. Did you read on what others have done? Featured in Model Yachting Magazine #132

Yes I have read everything “Victoria” online that I could find.


Where will your battery pack go?

These boats have been around for a while, and people have tried lots of different ways to mount radio stuff. They all work!

I personally don’t see why you would want a pull/pull rudder system, when a mini servo with a pushrod works and is so simple.

Mounting the servos side by side, athwartship, leaves you lots of room under the rear of the hatch to velcro in your battery pack to the hull bottom.


Thanks for the input, I was thinking of running 2 Li-Ion cels, one on either side of the
servos in the 2nd layout. I guess my first drawing looks more like the setup you have
shown in youre picture.

Is that a digital servo I see in that pic?
And just how mini of a servo can you get away with for the rudder?
Kind of looks like you have waterproofed the battery?

Sorry for all the questions


A pull/pull system removes all play from the linkage.

I have found that a pull-pull can be lighter than the equivalent push-pull system.


One 5 cell battery pack is encased in a plastic case that is sealed with silicone where the wires exit. Unfortunately Radio Shack does not carry those 1500 NiMH packs anymore. My other is a 5 cell NiMH pack, shrink wrapped, and sealed with silicone around the ends. So far, no leaks. I velcro them to the bottom of the hull, and can adjust their position aft if the winds are up.

I have not needed to remove weight from my boats, in fact I have to add lead to get them up to weight.

Yes, the sail servo is a digital 5645mg. I have also used the regular 645mg with good success.

I have used HS225 rudder servo, and also smaller “no name” servos, with no problems. There is not much load on the rudder.

nice looking setup. I would mount the sail servo aft and as low as possible with the rudder servo ahead of it. this still gives you room under teh cockpit for the batteries on the windy days and it leave plenty of space up front of trimming with the batters on the other days

I would also soak all servos and electronics in corrosion x or aeroplate. since the vic is a wet boat…just extra insurance.

at the footy nationals. (when i was sailing :slight_smile: ) my v-12 was very wet inside I had my spektrum rx dipped in corrosion X and it was in the water plenty of times and did not ever fail to work…

Remember keep it light… and make it so its easy to remove and replace a damaged servo in under 5 minutes.

and the mini servos work well…for the rudder. futaba s3115 or the metal gear version s3102(higher torque faster, and 4 grams heavier @ 21g) is what I use…

The trick I use for protecting batteries, is to put them inside a balloon.