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Hi all:

I just registered to this forum, after reading a lot for the last year. It’s amazing how much I’ve learnt!

Myself, I always wanted to have an RC sailboat. Started a build in 1990, but having no internet at that time, I had no idea what to do. Ended up with a 1m hull that weighted 1 kg on its own… Abandoned that project in 1992. Only in 2012 I discovered the BIG community there was on the Internet. So I decided that, having now the money and time, I would fulfill this dream.

Nov-2012 I bought my TT-ETNZ, maiden on feb-2013, heavy mods done in mar/apr, and now sailing on-par with some RG65’s. Which is not bad for a sailboat this heavy. Then I started a srcatch build, but was interrupted by my kids: “can you build sailboats for us?” So I did! Managed to get two Footy’s to water in July-2013 (in the middle of winter here!). Cold day, but happy faces! You can take I look here:

In nov-2013 I could retake my scracth build project: a lightweight Rg65. my goal is to have a 1kg boat. Not completed yet, but I am working hard in the free time I have. I still think I can make the weight goal. You can take a look at my progress here:

So, that’s my RC Sailing history. Apart from that, It may be of interest that I live in Santiago, Chile, and that I am into sailing since I got memory: Sunfish, Optimist, Laser II, Lightning, Wal, 36-footers, and other. I’m not a pro sailer, but more than 50% of my sailing time was on races.

Thomas Armstrong

Hi Thomas. Been watching your RG build. Looking good.
Just getting soft water here now.

Hi Thomas - looks like you got into the site this time. Sorry about the past problems. Hope you find more info here as well.

By the way - do you know - or know of an RG sailor named German Pica? If you do - tell him he needs to re-visit this site and he owes me an email. :wink:

Regards, and welcome Dick