New UK Event in Burton-on-Trent

Come to Burton and District MYPBC’s Footy regatta on 13 September 2007 at Branston Water Park near Burtonon-Trent (see event finder map at,-1.680222&spn=4.817522,6.877441&z=7&om=1 .

For entry details, etc., see

NB - Burton is famous for its beer, Branston for its pickles.

See you there

This is getting quite exciting!

Even this late in the season the list of promises and rumoured entries is long! We haven’t actually sent them for medicals but the would-be entrants this time are rather younger than average. Up in Edinburgh (a whacking 290 miles from Burton, but don’t tell them) the Tulloch shipyards are working night and day fine tuning their second boat, a Micron set up with advice from Bill Letten – winner at Gosport – at Brett McCormack. The contest of desirabilities is between Alex bringing another boat and his father against a photo of how you should REALLY carry a Footy – on the back of a very large and powerful motorcycle.

The local fleet in Burton is expanding as we speak and there are authoritative rumours of as many as 5 of the South Yorkshire mafia coming to back up Alan Whitworth’s victory in the Slithey Tove in Llandudno.

In the Thames valley, there is less happening – but they are southerners  ! With luck we might get Gary Sanderson’s new carbon special appearing and with even more luck, Mark Mortimore may have his 507, the first full production boat in Britain.

From the north-west we should have Keven Jackson sailing the original, heavily rebuilt, Akela 1 and Angus Richardson with MoonShadow and Gary Spillane’s Fennec (ancestor of the 507) on its first serious outing.

Overall we can currently look forward to around 23 entries – so let’s see how many actually turn up.