new tri on it s way

g’day guys just a quick one to let you blokes no i am building a new tri based on scaled down plans of the ghost train it is about 28 inchs long and i will post pics as soon as i work out how

Hi Josh -

Welcome to the forum, and good luck with the boat. Several on the site have expressed interest in a small multihull, mainly for practical transportation issues.

Using the larger bodied (cross section) GHOST TRAIN plans may improve handling and stability on such a small platform.

Please keep us posted, and if it doesn’t work out due to such small size, don’t be afraid to let us know. Will save others from heading down the same path if too difficult to sail. On the other hand, if a success - feel free to brag a bit!


<center>Here it is … so far !</center>

Here is a photo of the newest multihull under construction. At only 28 inches long, this scaled-down multihull will be an interesting project. I am posting on behalf of the “AussieOutlaw” (Josh) and will let you post your questions here so he can answer them.

Josh and I have discussed the issues relating to very small “micro-class” multihulls and how they sail. He has some transportation issues making the larger 1 Meter and even larger F-48 impossible at this time. It also allows him to try out the boat, with perhaps a “stolen” rig and sails from another small scale boat. Perhaps this down-scale will continue until someone comes up with a multihull that sails, yet is size for size the same as the monohull “Footy”. Regardless if the boats get any smaller, this exercise provides the learning ability to build a multihull, equip it and then see how it sails. Hopefully, Josh will keep us updated on it’s performance (or maybe lack thereof) and some of you guys looking for a small scale winter project might find this thing actually works. More photos follow. Note scale ruler lying in front of the main hull and port float - for reference.

Thanks for sharing photos with us Josh. Perhaps you can reply to post with information on construction process/technique for others who may be interested.

Download Attachment: [ Dsc00955.jpg]( lemke/200511120230_Dsc00955.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ Dsc00956.jpg]( lemke/2005111202338_Dsc00956.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ Dsc00957.jpg]( lemke/200511120245_Dsc00957.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ Dsc00959.jpg]( lemke/2005111202422_Dsc00959.jpg)

well that looks really nice…at least for me!

Even after all the talks we had here, I am almost sure, that mini tri could be a very nice boat to sail under light winds…wait and see!

Great job!!


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hey dick thanks for posting the pic for me,wis thanks for the complements,i dont know what has been said about the sailing issues of small tri’s but like i said to dick if it dont work, then stiff ****,if it does ,then you little rippa either way i will have fun with iti will keep you all posted

A guy here has already built a 12 inch tri,has only been sailed once and still needs a little sorting …but it looks promising.

Here are a couple of photos showing Josh’s idea for cross beam mounting. Allows further disassembly for travel/storage.

Download Attachment: [ Dsc00967.jpg]( lemke/20051151407_Dsc00967.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ Dsc00970.jpg]( lemke/200511514150_Dsc00970.jpg)

I tried to “sharpen” the image as much as possible but grain was starting to be seen. Original photos were a “touch” out of focus, but you can get the idea and concept he is using.

That?s a very nice boat and an interesting idea, I?m looking forward to hear, and see, the rest of the project, if it sails half way decently I might have to start building one too!
I do have a question thought, how is it built? From the pictures it looks like balsa planked?? if so, did you planked the hull and deck separately?.. How did you do it?

Again, great looking boat.


g’day gio
the hulls are built with foam and balsa first i cut the frames out with a center line and water line marked on them ,them marked a center line and water line on the foam blocks, glued them all together then carved the foam down to the frames.i then used a 1/16th balsa blanks and done two layers of planks i left the foam in all the frames but the ones that take the radio gear and center board trunk.

Thank you Josh, that?s in interesting.
I was curious to know because I?m thinking, for some time now, to build my next USOM with a rounded deck, similar to yours, the idea behind it to increase the volume on the bow and avoid nose-diving ? it?s going to be a skinny one.
But I don?t think the foam will work for an USOM, too heavy, I will need to make some molds I?m afraid.
Anyway, keep us updated, - I?m really interested in this project.


Hi gang any room for an old Marbleheader?

I really hate to say this guys but all the really great photos on Multis are on the Marblehead page.

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Steve Crewes

I really hate to say this guys but all the really great photos on Multis are on the Marblehead page.
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but the videos are here [;)]

under Multis

oh and btw…search the multi section…Dick posted tons of multi pics…if he only could share his HDD


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well guys i had the first sea trials today ,unfortunatly threr wasn’t much wind .but she did sail well, no trouble tacking from stb to port but it was a little tough tacking the other way i think it all had to do with boat speed and the main sail . i think what was happening was when i put the batten on the sail it put an airfoil shape in one side,that went good to windward but there was not enough wind to pop the airfoil shape the other way if you get what i mean.but other than that she sail very welli am going tomorrow i hope the wind will pick up some .

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this would make a nice rc

That’s the “Hydroptere”. Promising, but no convincing results yet.

well guy i went again today and the forecast said the wind was at 15 mph the boat sailed very well to strb also on a reach going down wind wing on wing it was a little hairy , she did bury the nose but it didn,t cartwheel once again tacking from strb to port was good but not the other way i checked the rudder throw to port it was a little more than to strb which i think may be putting on the brakes but all in all it went well until i got stuck about 6 feet offshore in a submerged tree the problem was the stck i had was 5’6" long so i had to get a little wet but that is sailing. has anyone got any ideas as to why it tacks well one way and not the other way?

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It could be as you say the throw. It could also be that the weight of the floats is different. It could also be that the set up of the boat is slightly wrong and the leeward float is dragging through the water. By that i mean that the bow of one hull is in the water further or the transom is in further. It could also be that the rig isn’t perfectly upright, or the sheet setting is slightly different.


more pics and vids to see here:


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g,day pete
i think you are right about the rig and i know one float is a little heavy but i will keep playing with till i get it right

and wis thanks for putting the video on your web site for me

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