New topics-Lets get back on track.

Does anyone want to talk about anything other than new technology that is a very very small part of rc sailing? We are wasting way too much time on it. The holidays are over and it is time to get back on track.


What a great idea! Here’s what’s on my mind:

I am about to build a V-32K with my 11 year old daughter. Hopefully we will have it ready for the 2004 summer. She and I are both looking forward to the building, then the sailing. I have a V-32 already.

Im not familiar with the V-32 but that is great!My dad introduced me to this sport and full size racing when I was about 10, I sailed full size until I was about 28 when time constraints really hampered my ability to campaign a full size boat but the RC boats never left me I have been doing this for about 25 years now with maybe one season off. I’ve found this to be a very satisfying way to get my sailing fix. I race about three or four times a month in the spring summer and fall. I also think you can learn a lot about tactics, tuning and sailing rules through RC boats. It is also, in my opinion, a lot better for kids because you are outside, walking around and the actual building of a model can be a really good exercise in education. I don’t know why more kids aren’t exposed to this from their parents? Maybe I am getting old and out of touch with the kids of todays generation.

It’s a hard hobby for kids mainly due to the concentration levels it takes to do it. I tried getting my son involved, but he’s just not there mentally yet and after a couple of heats, he’s done. Usually off exploring the dam or back to the car playing that stupid Gameboy! [:-banghead]

The photo above is one that I cherish. My son launching the ORCO.

Hey, let’s face it, it’s an old mans hobby and we are lucky enough to have as many young (under 40) skippers out there to keep us feeling old. It would be fun though to see more women out there I think.

Winter (at least here in the land where the water gets hard) is a time to spend either working on your boat, building new boats, iceboating, home improvement or pursuing other hobbies.

Since, I don’t think anyone wants to hear about my ski trip to Tahoe in a couple of weeks, or the painting I have been doing around the house, and since there is too much snow for iceboating, the only relavant thing for me to talk about here is my US1M project. But I’ve been talking about that a lot around here, so I assume you do not want to hear about that any more, either.

I’ve also got some tweaks that I am working on for my Fairwind. I’m changing the sidestays from kevlar fishing line to steel wire. I am going to use turnbuckles for the adjustment. I need to replace all my telltales on the sail which are made from Sig Silk because I my mast came down (20 yards after finishing a race) at the Nationals last year and the silk shrank and wrinkled up to the point where they are no longer useful as telltales.

On the topic of teaching the next generation, here is a shot from the 2003 Fairwind Nationals of yours truly with some kids that belong to an old family friend.

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Will Gorgen

OK - so you are the blond on the left ---- who is the overgrown kid with the hat? A late “bloomer”?

guys…dont feel too old…I am only 27…and I still play PC games…BUT RC SAILING RULES!!!

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

35(but I look 25), flyfisherman, skiier and M Class junkie, IOM newbie

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35(<font color=“red”>but I look 25</font id=“red”>), flyfisherman, skiier and M Class junkie, IOM newbie
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Hmmmm, must be a different Bob T then that one I met at the US1M '03 regional …??[:-sour]

just kiddin Bob…[8D]

24 [:D]


forgot…and still SNOWBOARDING!!!half pipe aso…


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

<font color=“blue”>I’m the old man ( 39 ). Gardening on weekend…walk around the lake …feel the breeze…touch the sunlight when sailing…and be “DARK”…</font id=“blue”>[:D]

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Nice picture… I love the way the water looks in that lighting… is that a Fortune 612 with that Seawind? (they look like kind of like the Seawind’s younger brother)

Thanks for the picture.


Greg I never got any gray hair until I saw your Orco getting closer and closer at the regionals. It is way harder to sail with a lead than from behind. Next year I suspect I will be doing the catching up…