New to the hobby

First posting… hope I’m in the right place.
Recently purchased a beautiful model RC sailboat for a pittance at a local pawn shop. I have built a few plank-hull ship models previously and I guess I have a penchant for the maritime. I figured this would be just another addition to my"collectibles".
However, once I got the boat home and actually put the thing together, I realize that this boat has a distinct possibility of becoming operational.
There is a remote control, which appears to be a standard two channel, I believe it to be a Futubu. There appears to be complete reciever and servos intact within the hull.
My problem is that the rigging was disconnected at time of purchase and I do not know how the rigging is supposed to operate the sails. I do not want to do anything at this time to mis-rig the sails to the servos and cause any preventable damage.
This is not a “toy” sailboat. It appears to be a fairly expensive model with a hull length of 48 / 52" and sail height of around 80". There are some deck fittings missing to attach the mast to the rigging. The main sail appears to be able to be hoisted / retracted through a slot in the mast, but I don’t know if this is done manually or if there is a servo which controls this function. I don’t know where to begin to look for a manufacturers label or model number, but I admit I have not looked very hard for such info.
This is the only website that I have found that has anything other than sales info.
Any help / advice / links to appropriate websites would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the hobby. Your purchase sounds interesting. It would help us to identify the boat if you could take post some pictures. Also, is there a symbol or letters on the sail - a class designation, and a sail number? What is the hull made of - wood or glassfibre or something else?

The mast you describe is nicknamed a ‘groovey’. The sail has some slides or a bolt rope that slides in the groves to rig the boat. It is not normal to raise/lower the sail by radio - do it on shore and go sailing.

We await photos to offer more help.


Sent response with photos through reply via my regular e-mail. Not sure if my regular e-mail forwards the response to this page / forum. Please advise and thanks for the assistance. I understand that sail numbers are somewhat of an identification of the boats? My sail numbers are 12 / US 135.
Length of boat just under 5 foot and height keel to top of mast right at 7 foot. Couldn’t find my metric tape measure.

could be an east coast 12 meter

Still no pictures - doing the email does not work. Click on REPLY and then look in the lower right for the GO ADVANCED. Scroll down that page and you should see MANAGE ATTACHMENTS - this is where you add the photos.