New to sport.

Just got a used Soling 50 yesterday. I’m trying to get it to sail, having some radio problems, but the boat came in 4th in the Nationals last weekend so any slowness will be me. The boat came with different electronics than were used at the regatta.

Welcome to… Can you be a little more descriptive on the radio issues?

Does the boat not turn correctly? or is there an issue with the boat not responding at all?

Well, I ended up buying a Spektrum DX6i and it is up and working now! With the previous radio and receiver the servos work move a bit when you pushed on the radio crystal back and forth, but would never really respond to the controls. It seems like a loose or corroded crystal socket, but I really wanted to go without crystals anyway. I’ll probably put the old radio on ebay, or Craig’s list or something.

are you saying that you are having issues with the Spectrum?


The old radio have some issues, so he got a spectrum…while I still using my futaba 2DR…

Thanks god we do not haveradio interferences in our pound.