New to Sailing

I’ve come aboard a bit late in the season however; to get started I picked up a complete “used” Original Nirvana. It is in excellent shape in the original box and was a great value. Hope to learn a bit on this one before the real cold weathe sets in. I also have a Kyosho Fairwind 900 that I can build as well to start to get a fell for it. Hope these are not too hard to sail as newcomers…:scared:

My girlfriend is not interested in flying RC, but bought my 1st heli to return me to the hobby and recently mentioned that she’d sail… :slight_smile: So, I can’t let her down right? It’s only right to buy the boats and rigging… She really wants a design like the Victor Footy, but say in a 3 footy hull…

Next summer we intend to have a Soling 1M and Stars and Strips from Victor Models.

Good for you both,
Use the search button for tuning tips for the Fairwind.
See what others are sailing near you before buying others.
(Welcome to the Dark Side)

Welcome to R/C Sailing Simages. You will find all you need here and at R/C Groups, see the link below. There are so many here that can help and direct you to just about any thing you need. Kits, parts, builds, links, just ask and someone will jump in and offer assist. As Islander has already mentioned try to find what others in your area might be sailing. It nice that you can sail with your girlfriend, however the value of learning from experience skippers will make the hobby that much more enjoyable for both of you.

Good luck with all your new boats. I started just in Aug. Finished my first build, an ETNZ on Labour Day. Since then I have acquired 2 additional boats. Both Victoria’s. One is nicely rigged and awaiting Carr sails. The other I am awaiting an entire racing rig and sails from Okanagan Model Sailboats to start racing next season. And yes I want a 1MSoling too, its my next boat. That and the Victoria’s are sailed in my area. So plenty of mates to learn from.

OUCH I have been bitten:nuts:

Thanks for the replies, advice and links… Looking forward to the tinkering as I love to build and will be somewhat cheaper than more Helis. Need to pick up two DX5e radios and Ar500 too.

To get started I picked up 2 DX5e with AR500, an original Nirvana RTR and a original Fairwind unbuilt kit. However; the best build to look forward to is the new home plus the community 7 acre pond. Sailing will only be a few 100 yards away… :slight_smile:

Looking forward to learning the sailboat addition to the hobby in my new 10x10 hobby room…

Only about 10 months away :rolleyes:

Man you could hold events there. Looks nice mate. Sweet spot to sail.

My future wife is actually very interested in organizing a club which of course can evolve into such events, even if it’s for bumper boats… We are getting very excited about our ground breaking in this community.

Looks like we’ll get a foundation and framing before winter…on schedule for June-Aug! Just need the Lake and Park dedicated and opened by Spring! :rolleyes: