New to RC Land Yachts

Hello, all.

I am new to RC models and land yachts. This is a new hobby for me. I am in the process of building a IRCSSA Class II yacht. I have been watching in ‘stelth mode’ (no offense or pun intended to Robert Weber or Steve Lang) for some time now reading and getting ideas for my yacht. Hopefully, I will have some pictures of the ‘ship’ to share soon.

When I decided to give this project a shot, I didn’t realize all the decisions and choices to be made - radios; servos; materials for masts, plank, sails, axle; glues and epoxies; wheels; steering desing; sheeting design; sources of supply; etc. ad nauseum. Wow.

I find the sailors who participate in this forum and the Yahoo Groups IRCSSA site to be most friendly and helpful. I’d like to return the favor by sharing one bit of information I learned while looking for some components for my yacht.

I accidentally happened upon a small buisness in Costa Mesa, CA whose speciality is composite and carbon fiber laminates fabricated primarily for the aerospace industry. The owner is Sam Daher. His company also makes spars for full sized, high tech sailboats, as well as carbon fiber ski poles. I used to sail Finns (Olympic single-handed monohulls), and was surprised to learn that he has made carbon fiber masts for Finns. (22’ tapered, unstayed, rotating mast.)

I found that Sam is very willing to provide carbon and fiberglass shapes and spars for RC sail craft (and big craft too). He was very helpful to and affordable for me.

So, if anyone may be looking for custom (or not) carbon fibre or fiberglass laminates for your RC or full size yacht, you might try contacting Sam. Couldn’t hurt. (or

In the meantime, I hope to post pictures of my RC land yacht soon, and participate at Ivanpah, or wherever.

Hey Don,
Welcome aboard! I see you’re hailing from southern California which puts you in the vicinity of Robert Weber ( who is one of the hobby’s early pioneers & design innovators. Also, Lyle Lundberg ( ) makes some nice kits as well. Maybe we’ll see you at Ivanpah next March?

The sky-pole link looks interesting, I’ll add it to my “suppliers” list.

BTW, there’s a new category on this forum for “Landyachts”

Bill K

Thanks Bill. I have met Lyle Lundberg, and have spoken to Robert Weber on the phone.

These southern California rainy days make it nice to work on my new Class II yacht. Still, March may be too soon to finish my boat. What are the dates for Ivanpah? I may drive out there to have a look-see even if my boat isn’t ready.


<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Don Wilder

What are the dates for Ivanpah? I may drive out there to have a look-see even if my boat isn’t ready.

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According to the NALSA website ( it’s scheduled for March 20 thru 25. Even if your boat isn’t ready, there is usually an extra boat available for a trial run.

Bill, thanks for the info. For now, those dates look open. I will try to make it there.