New to R/C Sailing. HELP!!!

Hope I can get some advice. I just purchased a Laser r/c sailboat and do not know a thing about sailing.I recently gave up racing nitro boats after 10 yrs. and thought I would try sailing. I picked up the laser cheap in new condition. Any input that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Reading, tips, places in CT. or S/E FL. to sail or clubs etc. Thanks, JOE


Hi Joe,
Welcome to the world of sailing. For some info about sailing check the library of For clubs etc. check

Hopefully it will help you on the way to have a great time sailing with your rc laser.


Hi…welcome aboard!

you probably know this one: this one from the UK

hope it helped a bit


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Thanks Folkert and Wis for your quick input. I will put those web-sites to good use. Joe