New Suit of Sail

I would like ya?ll opinion. I have a 1 meter sport class boat and I am thinking about replacing the sails that came with the kits. Since I am not a sail maker, I plan on purchasing a new set of sail. What are the features that I should look for with the new set of sails? In terms of doing my home work so far, I been to the AMYA site and looked at the list of sail makers. I visit the difference vender website. I want to hear about your experience with the difference aftermarket vender, with reference to price, quality, and vender responsiveness to questions and delivery of products. I would also like to know why you pick the vender you did to make your aftermarket sail. Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I do my own for my multihulls since most sailmakers are focused on monohull sails which are fuller cut - whereas mine need to be fairly flat.

I have “heard” good comments about sails from the following - note that the first one offers sail panels laser cut that you can assemble (tape) yourself. Several of these guys are class and national champions in their own right - so one must assume they are good sailmakers if they use their own sails … and win !

Climate Boat Works - sail “kits” - Richard Peters
Carr Sails - Rod Carr
Ultrasmooth - Mark Mason
Bob’s Boatyard Bob Sterne sails (and rigs)
Walrus - Dennis Desprois
DT Sails - Danny Thomas
Windjammin - Scott Rowland

A lot will depend on the “sport boat” you are trying to update - foot and luff length, etc. - since most sail makers have established designs for the “normal” (read “popular”) classes. Whomever you select if you are not racing - will have a good looking sails. A lot of folks build their own, and again - if not racing, the pressure is off. Finally - if a “sport” class - price is probably more of a concern, than if you are competing for a national event.