New stuff from down under

Hi All,
I have been pretty quite lately.I have been busy developing some new Footy stuff.
3 projects on the go.
attached are some sneak peeks of what I have been up to.

Firstly the first hull and deck in epoxy/glass(2nd pic) from my latest Micron design.
The hull lines are the same as my well behaved earlier version,but I have added 20mm freeboard to the bow and a shaply foredeck and rear deck.
After some teething problems with the deck mould I finally have everything in production mode,only moulds for the appendages to make(plugs are made)
I won’t be building to many of these as I don’t seem to have as much time as before.

1st pic…Amigos.
Designed by Bill Hagerup and myself for production in Vac formed plastic.
The IGES file created by Dan sherman and the CNC milling by Tranth.
A real team effort!
The plug will require some finnishing work and I hope to have some sample hulls in the coming weeks.
These hulls should be very affordable and can use appendages from the Micron project.

3rd…a new plan.
BobAbout is nearly 5 years old and needed to be updated to fit the new rules better,Result is this yet unamed design.
Double chine plywood construction,plans will come via e mail in PDF format
basically a plywood version of micron though a little heavier in displacment and also somewhat wider.will allow variation in building weights and when built down to weight should be a very powerfull performer capable of carrying a fair ammount of sail.
plans will be ready in the coming weeks.


Great stuff, Brett! I’m excited about our Amigos project, especially, and can’t wait to get our first hull on the water. Glad you got the kinks out of the Micron deck production…it looks awesome and I want one!!

Bill H

That’s nice Brett. Is Amigos going to be available RTF? As I understand it, young Americans don’t make anything any more. Five minutes Christmas Tree to water (in Florida) would bring in a lot of young blood.

Best of luck

Hi Angus,Nice to hear from you :slight_smile:

the goal with the Amigo’s project is to eventually have a RTF Footy class model at an attractive price point.
This however takes a lot of work and is a goal I have been steadily working towards over the past few years.

To start with It will be hulls only whilst Me and several others test various rig and appendage configurations.When the dust has settled it will come as a kit with everything…then the last stage, just add water.

I honestly don’t know if there is a need or want for this plastic boat.
But I think I shall follow the mantra “Build it and they will come” and see what happens.
Hundreds of these hulls can be made fairly cheaply and quickly,If the project takes root I will be seeking resellers in other countries.
I am not into this for the money,belive me.I can make much more money in my day job than building footys ever will.
But I really want this little class to grow,its so much fun.And yes you are right Angus,they seem to need it all done for them these days.

As yet unamed…hmmm…BobAlong, BobAround, BobALouie…:wink:

BobBobBob, BobBobarann

opps, sorry, got a Beach Boys song running through my head…