New Source of Yachting Parts

New arrivals listings on the Hong Kong site are showing a variety of yachting components including fibreglass and carbon rudders, foils, masts, as well as sails, a lead bulb and a hull. Looks like they may be useful for RG65 and 1 metre builds?
No endorsement intended - the descriptions are appalling and the prices not spectacular.
They also have inexpensive sail winch servos, 2.4G programmable radios and carbon tubing in the general listings.


I already got the winch servos, both just jitter and shake since i connect the Rx battery, while Hi tech or futaba works as smooth as always. It is imposible to use this servos because the oscilate 10º each side at any position. sending them back and get new ones probably will cost me more than the servos…so lets drink the bitter soon and forget about the episode i said to my self!.

I will not get any electronics item from them.

Hope you get adviced.

But you are free to waste money and time as me…

I forgot. also…wire pilars i ALUMINUM!!! they will not last too much and start to deteriorate…we even get some pekabe eyebolts deteriorated when used in the jib to deck attachment.

the fins , rudders and bulbs are quite expensive even without shipping.

I will suggest to support your local dealer…it is the best way to access to quality items reliable in any conditions.

I have spent a lot of money “trying to re discover the wheel” to finally figure out that mr. bantock, orothers has been leading the RC yachst bussiness for some reason.

best regards.

Tato Lazo.

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