New Site update

It is that time again… I am updating the forum with the latest bulletin software. PLease bear with me as I re-customize the forum.

please go back to the old display…:slight_smile:

Working on that…

Thanks for your efforts Chad. Could you PM the moderators with your phone/email so we can easily be in touch and not go through our recent SPAM experiences please?

As for looks - yes, it’s a different look, but if it means better “tools” to handle SPAM, I’m for “any” look that improves our ability to keep the site clean. The look will grow and it isn’t that bad, plus the new version probably comes with better tools and options than the old one. Thanks for jumping onto this one.


Wow, the current view is really ugly. I hope you can get back closer to the more professional look.

Good luck with the upgrades. Thanks Chad, let us know if you need something.

I know you are working hard chad.

Is there any paypal option to help “fund” your work…

I hope to bring the blog back up tonight…

Hi Chad, my wish is for a quick and easy way to get to the latest posting. It used to be OK in the old format but I have not found the method here yet.
It may of course just be me being a bit thick, which has been known I might add.
My best wishes and gratitude for your continuing good work. This forum is my first call each day to keep up with the world of toy yachts and who is doing what.
You have my grateful thanks. Cheers, Ian.

Ian - great photo - finally know what you look like … ummmm handsome (???) HaHa

Two things to remember:

  1. When done reading all of the topics and in the main forum menu - be sure to select the item in the blue bar marked “Mark All Topics Read”. That identifies all you have read.
  2. The next time you enter - select" NEW POSTS" which will display all threads where a new post has been made since your last visit.
    2A. You should see a list of threads - click on the blue title.
    The entire thread will open, and again - in the blue bar select “VIEW FIRST UNREAD” and it should take you to the last page of the thread and the first (or only) new posted reply that took place after you left.

The view should display the first new thread… or any of a multiple of replies since your last visit. After reading all replies, select “NEW POSTS” up at the top and you should return to the list of forum topics to select the next topic you haven’t viewed. You don’t physically have to view every topic. If you have no interest in the RG-65 posts, simply skip over them - but when done be sure to select the “MARK ALLTOPICS READ” to indicate you looked at it and it won’t show up again until another new reply post is added.

Sorry if the wording isn’t exact - i didn’t want to keep hopping back and forth. If you read a topic reply, but forget to mark them as read - no problem - it will simply show up once again the next time you sign on and ask to see all “new Posts”. Hope this helps - but if not please ask for clarification.

After reading - MARK ALL POSTS READ

Next entry to forum:
select thread to read
to continue select SHOW NEW POSTS and repeat for each one

When done:

Hmmmmm - now that I read the explanation - it is clear as mud. I will see if I can grab images and post them in a new reply that show what I tried to explain. Not sure - give me some time to do it.

Unread Threads.jpgMain control bar.jpg

OK - here are a couple of screen shots. Not great but may help - even though they didn’t display in order.

MIDDLE IMAGE: This shows where to look on bar if you want to mark all read, or if you want to seen new posts.

LEFT IMAGE: If you select View New Posts - you will see a list of all new topics/threads similar to this one. If you select a topic you will see…

RIGHT IMAGE: Which will open the entire topic/thread. Then select VIEW FIRST UNREAD and it “should” take you to the first post in the topic you haven’t seen yet.

Again -sorry about the images being out of order. I need to work on that to make sure they are in order I want.


Hey Dick, thank you for the reply and explanation, I can follow that OK.
The secret is marking the topics as read. I can do that… Thanks mate.

You are more than welcome.

Thanks to you as well, for your continued participation and sharing of “insider trade secrets” ! The r/c model yacht hobby is a better place because of folks like you.

chad… i like this look… but this is just 1 guys opinion