New Section?

I was wondering if there should be a topic header for the Sailing Simulators mentioned here. Everyone seems to agree that they are enjoyable, and that they suffer from the same problem… that being mostly a lack of interested participants. Maybe if they start a section here for that it can help current enthusiasts to get together… and new members to be recruited. I have not tried one as of yet, but I have certainly enjoyed other sims on the PC, I can imagine that these would be a lot of fun.

Hi Larry,
I’m just about to start sailing a One Metre Yacht that I have just completed.

I don’t think that I want a full size yacht simulator - just a radio controlled simulator to practice on and find the best methods under differing conditions.

Anybody got ideas as to whats available for model boat sailing?


We have one under the General area. If you would like I can try and move it to its own.
Let me know

I like VSK. and whille you have more options than a typical model boat. the rules, and tactics and best practicies don’t change. VSKUSA is very active and they hold regattas 2x a week using the ACC boats.