New SeaWind/SeaWind COA Forum

I hope that former frequenters of the SeaWind Resource Center Forum will find their way here to the new home of the SeaWind and SeaWind COA. I and doubtless other Class Officers will be monitoring the Forum and will try to respond promptly to questions or comments about the SeaWind and its Class Owners Association.
The fact that the new Readyset version is now coming into the US will give new impetus to Class growth. I look forward to talking with many new skippers.
Good sailing!
Secretary, SeaWind COA

If you wish to participate on the forum, you MUST

  1. Register and post an introduction (DO THE INTRO IMMEDIATELY) - please include your state of residence (or country)
  2. (then) Make at least one (1) post to indicate you are a real “human” - not an internet “bot”
  3. Post on an occasional basis during the year(s) so we are reminded you are still active - and not deceased or out of the hobby.
  4. Please play “nice” - opinions and discussions are fine (and healthy) - just don’t let them get personal.

Thanks for your understandings

Excellent, Mike! Many thanks for all the hard work!

Hello Mike - and other COA members - and interested parties. We certainly are happy to host your discussions, and look forward to the resurgence of the SeaWind class and activities. Hopefully, with new construction, your class will continue to grow.

If I or other moderators are able to help, please feel free to email or PM us. Best wishes on a successful sailing season here in the US.

Dick Lemke

Great job Mike! We are back on line!


Welcome aboard… I am still playing with my boat. and still having fun…

It is truly good to see the Seawind forum up and running. With the Seawind being such a great boat, it deserves a place such as this to keep the discussions and ideas going. Thanks RCSailing and a special thanks to you Mike Eades for all your dedication and hard work.

Wow! Great to have a Seawind website and forum up and running. Thanks to all those who put that together. I think a good website is vital to building the class.

John Coale

Great to see the SeaWind forum back up and running. Thanks, Mike, for making it happen.
Looking forward to seeing old friends on here.

It’s great to see the Seawind class has found new homes on the web!


Thank you for finding a new direction for Seawind sailors. I was disappointed to find the Seawind Resource Center website went down. Was hoping it would return. But it never did.cellent that Mike

Excellent that Mike could initiate this new forum for us. Great work Mike. Thank you.

G’day Mates,
Just checing in to express my appreciation for the new site and thanks to all who participate. The old Seawind site was a terrific resource and helped many of us over the years. My thanks to all that contributed to that site!
I have two Seawinds in my collection, both are ABS kit versions. I did have a CF edition several years back. It was a beautiful thing but I am just as happy with the ABS versions.
I must admit to being temped to order one of the new factory built versions but can’t figure out how to justify the expense or find any extra space. It is always fun to get a new boat! :nuts:
To all those folks getting the newest version, congrats on your purchase and welcome to a loyal group of Seawind owners.