New Sails

I have just completed building an IOM and made some sails out of an older windsurfing sail ( to stiff), it work okay in what I think would be the upper range of the A rig. I do not plan on racing but was wondering if I could use what they call rip stop nylon to build lighter weight sail. This is the stuff they make tents out of. Just curious if anyone else has tried this>

Ripstop comes in a variety of weights. Try to use the heavier weight stuff - around 1.5 oz. coated if you can find it in local fabric stores. JoAnne Fabric carries the lighter weight 3/4 oz. stuff, and it is a bit “soft” for sails. May need some battens to help it stand by itself.

If you can find locally, the Kite Shop and Wilderness Fabrics are two suppliers with decent costs.

Whichever you use, yes it will work - but eventually you will want to get some good material for a nice set of sails - or purchase a set since you are really dealing with the “horsepower” of your boat.

Take a look at Climate Boatworks. They (he) laser cuts and I believe markets as a kit and will save you time to layout and cut panels. Also a bunch of excellent sialmakers out there who know their stuff. Bob Sterne, Rod Carr to name a couple.

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The other question I have is what glue do you use to make sails out of drafting mylar or the clear wrapping people have indicated they use for wrapping flowers at the flower store?[:-banghead]

[:-batman] If you visit your local art shop you can purchase drafting film in various weights which make exellent sails.
If you know anyone who has old plan drawings then you can use them for free. (looks cool too)
Visit your local sailmaker for a roll of seamstick which is all you will need to make sails of any material.

Do it NOW before it`s too late.