New sailor with new Dragon Force RG65

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to sailing, and have purchased a Dragon Force 65 as my second model sailing yacht. This was based on recommendations, reviews, and so on. Here are my first questions:

  1. I’m starting the build, and noticed that the mast fitting tube is loose when inserted into the main mast mount. Is this the way it is suppose to be? With the mast sections installed it sways freely a noticeable amount of degrees.

  2. Should there be shroud lines that tie down the mast to the topside of the hull?

  3. In the instructions, it shows a backstay, but no forestay? Does the jib lines take the place of the forestay?

The pictures in my manual are somewhat faded, so it’s hard to tell if there is a forestay or not.



Sorry - can’t help with question #1

    • no shroud lines to hull.
    • Forestay is incorporated into the leading edge (luff) of the jib which fastens to the front of the jib boom. The jib boom is fastened to the bow deck by a line which allows the jib and boom swivel from side to side. Backstay adjusts lib luff tension and can add mast bend to control camber in main sail.

Thanks for the reply, Dick. I just find it peculiar that the “mast fitting tube” is loose once inserted into the deck. Is it like that on your DF? I have yet to fully assemble and rig the mast, but I can only imagine - when the boat leans over the entire mast assembly flopping over. It is why I asked about question #2. Is there an additional tube inside the hull that the mast fitting tube slips into on yours?

II don’t have a DF - but do have the multihull variant - Force 2-60 and my mast is a snug fit into a small “receiver” for the mast. Still it would be nice to be able to grab the mast to lift the boat out of the water net to a dock. On my RG65’s I use side shrouds and the mast is deck stepped. Unless you are using a swing rig, I personally like the level of comfort of having a mast held in position by shrouds. Someone on RC Groups will probably chime in tomorrow with their personal experiences with the mast that seems to be loose.


be sure the mast stub is right side up. it may mot be setting all the way to the bottom.