new sail winch

Has anyone out there experience with these winch’s, I understand they are relatively new product…but they seem to be a better option than the Hitec 785HB and a lot cheaper than the RMG…

This is a transalated page, I have not done a full search for English page / site yet…so you gotta get past the babel fish translation of “toilet proof” actually being “waterproof”, although it is a fitting translation once your expensive servo has been in the drink.

I am thinking these for a Mini 40??

any advice very welcome.



Gary, not sure why you want to translate the site with babel when it has a perfectly good English version?

They have a couple of winches, part way down this page.

I don’t have any experience of these winches but would be interested in any comments…


I would love to get my hands on this bugger :slight_smile: but i don’t think it’s sufficient for IOM cause i have been using HS785 and i feel that it is not enough for strong wind even if you power it with 6v @ 13kg/cm … and this require 7.2v
But i like the speed of it though.

Gary -
way too s-l-o-w for multihulls, where speed and power are critical - especially at the 48"/1.2 mtr. size.

Note that it does make 3+ rotations (depends on your transmitter) BUT - it takes 1.4 second just to turn once ! :scared:

If you have a boat that has stability provided by “lead” a slower acting winch is OK - but if you have to dump the sails in a hurry, using this winch will invite a swim/row to recover the multi. Remember - you aren’t on board to feel a hull getting lighter in a gust, so you can only “react” (as opposed to being proactive) Thus when one hull goes into the air you have two choices, a quick rudder and a quick winch.

Even the Futaba drum is is faster.

Regards, Dick

That 2.4GHz radio looks quitenice as well.

I was in a hell of a hurry when i posted this and did not have time for a thorough check…have found the english version now.

I have had a report in from a sailor in Chile…not a good report, not a good winch…faster than hitec at 0.9 sec 360 as opposed to Hitec’s 1.4 sec 360, but the gears are rubbish and the high torque is provided courtesy of a smaller winch drum than Hitecs…so…back to the reliable hitec 785 is guess.

But the 2.4 radio they make maybe worth investigating…apparantly hobby city may have sold a few of these??.



The FlySky transmitters are sold under a wide range of brands and bundled with RTF aircraft:
Hobby King and R2 Hobbies are two Hong Kong distributers. There is a four channel basic, 6 channel computer programmable and a new 9 channel (since withdrawn from sale on Hobby King due to programming software problems).
There are reviews here:
And endless discussion here:

Guess I missed on that one - I thought you were looking at the Hitec I was commenting on. Sorry for the off-track post… but point being made still was torque and speed whichi is essential.

This particular “knock-off” I am not familiar with … but $28 vs $150 would seem to indicate a shortage of “something, somewhere” (in my opinion)

That said I tried the GWS (old S-125 design) and found that one to be acceptable to my needs for an RG sized multihull.

Hi You all:

In fact I got 2 of these servos, they sound extremely loud and has no precision at all, the servo moves one side and another all the time, is imposible to get the sheet steady, once plugged in the boat the sails shake a lot… It turns faster, but the drum diameter is clearly smaller that the hi tech so the final speed in the sheet wil, be the same.

When it sound as loud it make me feel it is sucking the Rx battery energy!!

I wonder now, what if i use 7.2 volt conected directly to the servo with a “Y” harneess in paralle with the RX…probably I will burn out the RX or not.

If i need to place aboard a volt regulator, 7,2 volt pack, Y harness and who knows what else!!! …then i will throw it away again…and stick to my nice hi tech 785 and my 2 ch futaba AM.

Tato Lazo