New registrar for Russia

09-07-2017, 5:22 PM

To all Footy registrare,
Today I received an email from Александр Амбаров. He asks for admission and cooperation in the IFCA. He is ready to work as a registrar.
Здравствуйте Томас Гримм! Просим Вас зарегистрировать меня на должность регистратора Footy в России! Хотел сделать это сам, не но получается! Что требуется для получения должности регистратора?
Заранее спасибо!
Александр Амбаров
Alexander has already registered the Russian Footy fans and has already organized Footy regattas.
A own RU Footy HP documents the first successes of his work.
I would be glad if you would agree with Alexander’s request. If there is consent, I will ask Charles to put him on the registrar list (
Alexander Ambarow
Greetings from Germany
Thomas Grimm

09-07-2017, 8:40 PM

No objections from AUT!
Keep up the good work!
Harald Klein

09-07-2017, 8:44 PM

Welcome Alexander!!!
Thomas Armstrong

09-08-2017, 04:48 AM

Dear Alexander,
Welcome to this wonderful world of Footy.
I am, of course, in agreement to formalize this request.
Moreover, I take this opportunity to appeal: who wants to organize the next Footy Gold Cup 2018?
I hope see you soon
Jean-François Bessière

Dear IFCA registrars! :slight_smile:
I agree to the candidature of Alexander no the IFCA RUS registrar.
I suggest (at least in the first year) to support him one of the experienced registrar who speak Russian, or who with whom Alexander will be able to explain doubts about FOOTY rules freely (ideally - native English). I am also ready to support him.

Ahoy Alexander! :slight_smile:
Welcome to the international community of smallest regatta’s sailboats in the world.
It was nice to see that the Russian FOOTY sailors already have their website and a list of registered boats as I suggested you earlier. :slight_smile:
I will be happy to help you in class matters - write to me more (since last year I also have your compatriot in my team. I believe that this season will be able to register his Opalek - maybe in the Russian FOOTY federation …?).
I wish you satisfaction with the successes and development of one-foot yachts in Russia.

Best regards from Poland! :slight_smile:
Paweł Dejnak