New RC Sailor (new question)

Hi I’m a brand new RC sailor. I’ve been sailing in real life for about 4 years now. I have to make this post in order to start asking questions elsewhere. I’ll go ahead and try here first.

I have read and seen online that some people soak their electronics in Corrosion X to waterproof them from splash. Has anyone done this or seen first person how well this works? If it doesn’t work what is your recommendation? I sail my boat in Galveston Texas which is a very salty corrosive environment (sulfur plant near by) and I need to protect my AM radio.

Good question and difficult answer !

First of all you need to ensure that your model is “Waterproof 100%”

Secondly you may create boxes into wich you can insert your servos to isolate them from water entrances.
You can use plastic bags. Battery sets are the most critical as well all the connectors. special grease for electronics or vaseline or paraffin may help a lot.
The point is that the even the air humidity close to the water level is already corrosive and difficult to deal with.
Another possibilty is to paints the servos with thick layer of paint, and put some grease around the rotating axis under the bar or the drum.
Corrosion effects are very difficult to treat anyhow !
Other modelers may propose better solutions…
Good luck

Okay one part of my model that I’m sure isn’t waterproof is the hatch itself. I put a rubber band around the hatch to serve as a gasket. Also, I did a horrible job on the transom of the boat. It is mostly connected using CA glue instead of liquid plastic. So I guess I need to look father into those issues. Any tips on keeping the hatch sealed shut?

dacron adhesive film often used to repair the sails

No I mean the hatch that has my electronics. Water leaks through the hatch. Is this something I can prevent? It’s a blackhawk 24"

Use the self stick dacron as your hatch. it is pretty much water proof as long as it is put on when the boat is dry. I use it on many of my boats.

Ohhhhh okay I got it now. Sorry it took me a while to catch on. I thought yall kept talking about repairing sails. I’ll definitely do that!


the corosion X works… I give my servo’s and receivers a dunking and I brush it on my transmitter internals as well… never know when you might fall in the water or drop your TX

I had a footy take on water and the servos and receiver were underwater and they were still operating

Corrosion X isn’t cheap. but well worth it if it saves one servo, then its paid for itself… one spray bottle will last you a long long time. I’m also trying another chemical called fluid film.

Boy Marc - you must sail with a bunch of hard core racing guys if they make you carry internal water ballast like that as a handicap … Dick

funny Dick… not that bad. but I was at the Footy NCR 2 years with my v-12 and it was sinking…I got it back to shore and dumped sever cups worth of water out of the hull… I was surprised that it was still sailing…the only thing I could attribute to the fact that it was still operating was the corrosion X

Our radio guys use it all the time here at work.
I dropped an old AM 2 stick into a lake, fished it out, used a hairdryer and no problems - but probably wouldn’t work if dropped in salt water, I’m sure.

a few years ago when i was detroit at soling nats. a guy got bumped and fell in. they took apart his radio and bathed it in Corrosion X and within and hour it was working again…
its good stuff…