new project

I started looking into building an RC boat and would have a few questions.

First, how do I pick a plan. This is my first project, I’ve done some epoxy work in the past, but mostly just fixing holes in boats, never on such a project.

I also don’t plan on racing it, just for fun around the bay and hopefully with time for my daughter to have fun with it.

I was looking at the IOM, and saw a few plans online that I could print off.

Second, how much would it cost to build one? I know that it varies a great deal. I would probably buy the sails, but would like to build from scratch as much as possible.

And, finally, does anyone know how many hours it usually takes to build it? I’m guessing that it would be about 18 months to build, but really have no idea.


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Well, I’m not very experienced, but it looks like you’ve been waiting a long time for an answer.

IMHO, you should reconsider about the racing. I’ve done a little bit of racing and a fair amount of solo practicing with the boat. (I’ve been out of the whole scene for several years, though.) The racing is more fun. Othewise, it’s hard to tell if what you’re doing is actually making the boat go faster.

If you don’t rule out racing, you may want to pick something that’s popular near you. There’s a one meter Soling class that seems to be very popular and it’s not terribly expensive as these things go. I think the kit is $150, not sure how much else you will need. They are pretty easy to sail.

Around my area, the US1M is popular too. They’re probably somewhat harder to sail, but more exciting. But I was a novice and still had a lot of fun with one. A document which may be useful in the construction of other types too may be found at:
(usually it’s also at the AMYA’s site, along with other good info, but that’s down lately)
some design files at following URL, though you may have to join the group to look at them:
The Mistral is a perennial favorite, and 4 or 5 years ago it still appeared to be relatively competitive in local racing. The Mistress is a modified Mistral and you will find info on both of them at the above URL. Mostly, I think, the Mistress is just a Mistral with less freeboard.

I’ll bet if you are clever and stubborn you can make a US1M quite cheaply. However, although I’ve built lots of other things, I have yet to build an RC sailboat.

The least intimidating class is the Footy. There’s a sub forum on it right hear on RC Sailing. I haven’t seen one sail in person, but I find them interesting.

Lots of other classes available as well. When the AMYA site is back up, that’s an easy place to look. I think it’s

If you are in the Boston area, you might want to get in touch with the Minuteman Model Yacht club. If they’re still like they were several years ago, you will get a lot of useful advice and help.

It all depends on how far you want to go.

I just finished and EC 12. I figure I’ve got about 100 hours in it. Not counting the hull. (bare hull was done by a builder.)

that time include rig building sails, planking the deck, servos’, hull painting.

I will tell you it can take as long at 1 hour. to get a hull done… and as long as 6 months
the reason i give you that…is because i have done both types…
the 1 hour job would be a chine design… where you just cut out the pieces and glue… the other is a rounded hull. where you have to learn how to plank…
but even that … there are some short cuts… that will cut down time…
I make my boat hulls in a weekend…then during the week… 20 min. a day . and you finish the hull
then next weekend… you do the rigging…
using polyester resin will cure in less than 1 hour. but not give you a strong hull. it will work… and it will get you in the water…

as for plans… I know there are people out there that will tell you … us 1 meter. or IOM… and i will not argure. because both are right…what i will tell you is to look around and see if there is a club near you. and see what they are playing with…
i started out building IOM. because i had plans for an IOM. then found out that most of the peolpe in my area were running IOMs.
you can download … triple crown . off the next . and that is a easy boat to build and sail…
is you want . i am sure the AMYA site still has plans for 4 different types of us 1 meters…

but the 1 thing i will recomend… download the us 1 meter construction manual… that thing is almost a bible on how to build a boat.
and as far as cost… how much you want to spend? mininum… i would say is around $250… radio will cost you the most…

good luck:zbeer:

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