New Product - Look at this super scale Pirate Ship RTR!

For an over the counter RTR, this is a cool pirate ship that not a tiny toy. Each of my boys want one.

Length: 40.5" (1029mm)
Beam (width): 10.5" (267mm)
Height: 42" (1067mm)
RTR Weight: 10lb 5oz (4.67kg)

Hull: Constructed of fiberglass, fully assembled and painted
Motor: 550 size
Radio: AquaCraft (made by Futaba) 2-channel AM pistol grip with steering and throttle trim and reverse, dual rate knob, charge jack, battery indicator and one servo
Radio Compartment: Located under center hatch-holds motor and all electronics
Pirate Figures: Four in different poses, painted and highly detailed
Scale Details: Six cannons on each side, retractable walkplank on starboard side, wood planking, lifeboat, 3D window frames with outer trim, four sails, crow’s nest on main mast, skull and crossbones flags atop main mast and on aft section, rope netting with unique cleats that secures it to hull, doors, staircase with railing
Keel: 3lb (1361g) thumbscrew attachment
Display Stand: Constructed of wood, holds model with keel attached
Building Time: Only 15 minutes of final assembly

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Now if it was this “pirate ship” it might be a different story.

As noted by Lester - I think I’m going to be sick - gotta head for the leeward rail :smiley:

that’s blasphemy :smiley:

A motor in a sailing vessel…If I’d thought of that I might not be finishing last all the time at the pond! And I’ve got dibs on playing Captain Jack!!!

Bill H