New oldie

I am new to the forum & have been sailing rc yachts for about 18 months, although I have been involved in powered rc boats for over 40 years. I fancied owning a yacht for a while & last June bought an old Marblehead from a well known auction site. My only regret is I didnt do it 30 years earlier!! Simply love sailing & haven’t even touched a powered boat since. My second purchase was an Oliver Lee designed 1.5 metre yacht, which, up until last week, was my favourite boat to sail.

Last week I finished building a Razor 3 footie, which got its first sail last saturday in winds of around 25 mph, & although I had the Marblehead with me, I only sailed it for around 10 mins, the rest of the 6 hours was spent sailing the footie. I havent laughed so much in years!

Cheers Glenn

I’m new to the site and R/C sailing. Grew up on the lake in powered ski boats. Always looked at the sailboats. These days, anything wind or solar powered catches my eye. A wind turbine is something I have always wanted to make as well. Even if it only charged my cell phone.

I am in the design and planning stages of a Footy with a CNC milled foam and glass master plug. I know absolutely nothing about actually sailing outside of my studying of the subject but I have a great consultant (Raced the full size boats in California forever) to help me.

Anyway, welcome back and welcome to the site. :slight_smile:

Take care,