New Nirvana ower

Yeah, i got a nirvana tday.

I got the pro racing series so i put good servos and crap. I got the futaba 2dr, rachet for 2dr, s3003, and s3802.

i put it all together today (had some technical dificulties but now it’s all good) and it’s ready for it’s maiden voyage tommorow. Not only is it sailing for the first time, but my friend and i are racing tomorow!

He got the rtr though… and he didn’t pay for it himself (i hate people like that) but at least i have someone to race with now.

so questions, what can i do (without buying anything) to set up my boat the fastest way possible?


cool, post pics when you can

help on setting the boat up please?
and how do make a wind vane???

heres some pics…

big sailboat in a small room (just moved, my little sister’s room takes up half the house :mad: )

better veiw of deck. Should i paint the hull? what color do you think would look good? and i need some painting tips too

Heres my tiny radio box, i just had to get the big servo, didn’t i…

heres what it would look like standing at the helm, if you were that small and there was a wheel or tiller…

one last one for now… my little (actually really big) futaba 2dr. I even gave him the ratchet treatmeant!

enjoy! and try to answer my questions before noon tommorow because i’m racing…

for the wind vane, check outthat laser site i showed ya, they have a nice wind vane in the accessories section, as for painting, do this!! i wanna do a 1meter in this theme

If you have no experience then it comes down to time on the water and experimenting.
That may sound like a cop out, but there is no magic bullet, sorry.
Lots of reading and trying things.
Having a mate with the same type of yacht makes it much more fun as you can do two boat tuning as per the “Americas Cup”

This is a site well worth visiting.

To start off just have fun.

well i do have experience sailing, i race 420’s in the junior olympics.

lol, that would be cool to have a “pirate ship” but its a little to advertisingish

well, i should be taking her out soon, so much for waking up early though…
thanksfully theirs a nice gentle steady breeze right now.

well, i’ll tell you how it goes! My mom has the camera right now so i can’t post any pics… maybe another time

looking forward to the report, i wasnt saying go all out withthe pirate themem, that paint pattern is neat, mix it up with differnt colors, might be neato,

hey, sorry i didn’t post earlier but i had a friend over and didn’t want to bore him with me sitting on the computer…

Well, i took it out a bunch of times today and yesterday and wow, that thing is awesome!

Its so cool how smoothly it runs thorugh the water, and it gets going fast! And, unlike alot of other rc stuff i own, i can sit there for hours and not get bored!

Its cool how i can walk to the local pond. And everyone driving by stops and talks about sailing for a while. Its really fun.

There isn’t anything i dont like about this boat. Maybe soon i can get a movie up.

Oh yeah, my friend has the rtr version and his sail servo crapped out on him so i didn’t really have to tune it much or try very hard in order to beat him.

we did a little race and i beat by like 5 feet to the windward mark but by the time we got to the leeward mark, since he couldn’t let his sails out, i was beating him by 30-40 feet. Oh and he capsized a few times too.

well, it was really fun…

sweet, glad to hears its going good,how did he manage a capsize, that keep should keep that from happening, crazy!!


well, i didn’t do too much sailing today because my other friend doesnt really like to anything… i’ll hopefully sail tommorow before camp

what kinda camp you going to?? i did sail the sailer a bit last wensday it was moving right alogn till the wind died, hahah,

sailing camp… :rolleyes:

well, i’m in the proccess of making an rc poweboat. It won’t look very good (made of spare door trimming in the garage), but it’ll be a fun prject.

I had this crappy 1:8th that goes like 2mph so i took it apart and am going to use those electronics. The one good thing about is it’s 12 volts so i can probably get it going pretty fast with the right parts.

It’ll be good for when they’res no wind or i dont feel like carrying my huge nirvana all the way down the street (it gets annoying with how big it is)
my friend has a little nikko powerboat that he drives around while i sail around, most of the time i go alot faster than him but when there isn’t much wind, he cruises by me.

do hardware stores sell balsa wood? I might wanna make the hull like the razor footy, that would be alot nicer…

oh, um a balsa sorce i use is Michaels craft store, they carry most the balsa and thin ply, basswood, some store similar, a footy is a good choice for easy transport haha, im still building my mini footy tall ship, gonna look neat when its done, iv made it more complicated then it needs, but oh well, good luck!

it’s gonna be a footy powerboat :smiley:

no updates yet…