New Nightmare Photos

Hello everyone…

I stopped by Ian Sammis’ place and had a look at his F-48 Nightmare. The boat is nearly complete–about the only things left to do are hull painting (outer hulls) and the finishing touches on the electronics. The boat is impressive, and I personally look forward to seeing it on the water soon.

He’s shooting for an early March on the water debut (weather permitting).

Have a look… (this is the first time I’ve posted photos, so forgive me if they’re not the best…)


Download Attachment: IMAG0013_WEB.jpg

Download Attachment: IMAG0014_WEB.jpg

Download Attachment: IMAG0020_WEB.jpg

Download Attachment: IMAG0022_WEB.jpg

Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

Looks really familiar. I have got a few of those right next to me.