New modeler needs expert advice!

OK, new topic for a new boat owner.

I am the proud owner of a Victoria that I recently purchased- so recently that I haven’t even seen it yet. Matter of fact, I’ve barely been on a sailboat.

I decided to build a boat for me and my son who is living with me while I’m stationed in Korea. I think it will be a great way to spend time together.

So, what I’m looking for is any online resource that either deals with Victorias specifically, or gives general instruction on building techniques. I have several weeks to compile information before I even see the boat. By then I want to be ready to start.

I purchased the basic kit and a radio with two futaba servos. The radio is a Futaba 2DR 2-channel and the servos are a S3003 and S3801. That’s it. I would like to know, from your knowledge and experience, what else I should purchase to start off. I don’t want to build straight from the box and I would like to do most of the work myself.

I’m seeing all kinds of cool stuff, like brass hardware and mylar sails and carbon fiber masts: Is all this stuff worth the purchase price? Am I safe/smart to build/buy? I am a fairly accomplished modeler of scale armor, but have never built so much as PT-109.

I guess really, I just want to get some expert input before I start cutting and breaking and glueing. Plus, I’m in Korea, thousands of miles from my shop!

Also, my next assignment will be in the U.K., so if anyone knows of Victoria clubs in southern or central England, I would appreciate those links, too.

I’ve included the links that I have for anyone also interested.

Thanks in advance.



“Mundo Nulla Fides”

I don’t have much to do with monohulls’ anymore, but I can offer this piece of advice. You will get several comments and to do advice from member’s of this forum. What you need to try and do is sort the good stuff from the s***.

I don’t quite understand your post. What I get out of it is that you have bought a Victoria but want to build something else.
Questions: along the same sort of lines?
something totally different?
have you found any suppliers for materials?

Now to answer some of your questions. Yes carbon fibre is good in rigs, rudders and centreboards. It is also find with monohull hull’s. Mylar sails aren’t required unless your thinking of racing. Dacron cloth provided you can find it light enough is find.



Sorry if I was confusing. I do want to build the Victoria. From all accounts, it is a great boat to start with.

What I want is make sure I do all the right things, i.e., where do I need to reinforce the hull; how can I decrease weight when building by replacement parts or omission; should I use carbon immediately, or is it something I should work my way into?

You know, what you wish you had known before you built your first boat.

Thanks again,



“Mundo Nulla Fides”

I haven?t been sailing my Victoria in a very long time, so don?t quote me on that.
To answer you?re questions, a lot depends what your sailing will be, your just want to have fun with the son or you?re planning to engage in competitive sailing down the line? In the first case, your electronics are just fine so just follow the kit instruction; don?t change anything, pretty straight forward (maybes just install some kind of reinforcement under the deck to hold the mast)?. Easy and simple. The major shortcomings of the kit are the sails so you may improve that and you can make some homemade sails simply, just follow the advice in the Victoria class site:… This will improve the boat performances significantly, just installing a jibstay will do that.
If your planning to do some racing in the future, basically the whole rig has to go and be replaced by a CF mast, the sails have to be changed? to good sails, and I would change my radio to a better one. And all those topics are well explained in the Victoria class site, just go in the building section and read the article by A.J. Moritz?? everything is explained??.
Anyway even if you decide to race in the future, all the necessary modifications can be easily done on an already build boat.

Hope this will help


As a current sailor of the Victoria yeah some ways things have to be improved on with this boat. I used the Kelowna club site for how I built mine and one other Vic.
JAmes Anderson is great in answering any questions you have in building.
Great info there and also great online building guide.

Not to undermine Gio 's comments but recently I had the chance to sail with the Kelowna club and witnessed a stock (right out of hte box) Victoria win races. This against boats that were modified and class legal. So I feel that even stock built the Victoria can be competive. If you contact Kelownna Club member James Anderson he will state that it was done, he was in control of the stock boat during the races.