New Mini 40 Build - As yet unnamed trimaran

So I have started with a new scratch build based on lines and building methodology that I gleaned from several different free plans that I have found on the internet. As many who responded to my last thread know, I originally set out to build a Nightmare. After doing some research, I decided on just drawing up my own. I have moved the maximum flotation forward on the floats, in an attempt to keep the bow from digging on downwind runs. I honestly don’t know much about sailboats, so some suggestions are appreciated. I am curious to utilize this as a build forum and a place where folks might be able to help me understand setting up this boat with both a traditional rig and a swing rig.

For now, I think that I will shape the outer hulls and either wrap them in packing tape and pull rudimentary hulls in fiberglass or go full blown and shape a plug and pull a mold. Molds are a lot of work and I have a habit of getting tired of sanding and waxing, but we’ll see.

For now, lets see if I can get some pictures up!


Transfered to foam

Cut and sides taped back to cut the bottom

Cleaned up a bit

Squared up

Thanks for watching, more to come!


Just a few pictures from last night and this morning on the progress so far. Staying clear shaping the nose until I get the rest of it done. Pointy foam things tend to get damaged as you’re shaping the foam not matter how hard you try not to.

There is a little hook in the tail, I worked it out, but haven’t taken a picture of it yet

What do you guys think so far?


Nothing wrong so far. :slight_smile:

Just keep on rockin´


Hi James,
I got similar experience some time ago with surface damages/chipping during sanding, until I discovered that also the extruded foam have a “sense”.
The problem can be largely overcome by cutting the parts with the right direction in view of sanding.
Better to check before on various foam samples !
Some foam brands are more sensitive then others


Everybody in their wintersleep modus? :slight_smile:

At least every now and then I get new request for sending out the trimaran plans…

Working on mine although the cold weather limits my garage work.