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Hi all
This is my first visit to the site.
My name is Richard and I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I retired last year and have been spending my time making model boats.
my most recent venture is to build a JIF.65 which is now complete and had its first outing last week. i entered into the model boat clubs races and finished last, being lapped by everybody else.
Well things can only get better, and at least it did not sink

Regards to all


Hi Richard and welcome (from Tasmania, Australia).

You are not the only one to enter a race and finish last. At least you finished!!

I was racing with a few others yesterday and while the best place I managed was a third (in a field of 7) at least I finished every race. Of the 7 racing at least 4 had a DNF due to weed problems or equipment failure. While the boat I was sailing (A Class) was larger than your JIF65, the principles are exactly the same.

In my opinion, first thing required is reliable equipment. Beyond that, most race results are more “what you do with the boat” rather than “what boat you do it with”. (Obviously you need to be racing against similar boats)

The smaller boats are quite tricky to sail. I also have a 500mm boat, that is a real challenge to sail sometimes due to the low weight. Larger boats are easier to turn through the wind. Smaller boats are MUCH easier to transport!! The A Class mentioned is about 1.5 metres long and over 2.5 metres high when rigged… it is a car load…