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Hello everyone, I’ve been looking at the forum for a few months, enough to get me enthused about building a boat from scratch, so I thought I should probably join up. I have been quite taken by Claudio’s 123 design and practically worn out his postings and pictures. Very informative! I am 70 years old, retired, and live in Tennessee. Happy to be aboard.

Very welcome Clark !
If you need help you knows what to do, in 3 months I will be 76 …
The 123 is supposed to be the fastest among all models from 100cm up to 130 and probably more.
The idea to make a rounded deck, make me the life a little more difficult.
Based on this direct experience, I would recommend a flat deck.
The Hull shadows with higher topsides are not ready for printing, but I can try to make them in the spare time during next days, possibly earlier !

Claudio, I’m sorry the rounded deck has presented such difficulty.
Since I have already started on the hull shadows, I guess I will just have to build both rounded and flat deck versions.
The building process is the most enjoyable to me.
I know nothing of the design and engineering and so really appreciate your efforts in those areas!
Again Claudio, thank you very much for enriching my retirement time.:slight_smile:


Hi Clark,
is not a big difficulty for me as well for many others experimented modelers, but when I present a new project at the same times I consider that many new/young modelers may met some difficulties with this type of construction that is not a classic method of construction generally used.
My descriptions are plenty of pictures and documented as far as possible with some text to explain the various steps including my mistakes and indicating, when necessary, the modifications compared to the original design. This model it is a prototype and therefore changes/modifications are normal practice.
One of my drivers during construction is of course the weight of various elements and this force me to introduce changes when possible.
Recently, for instance, I did not hesitated to remove completely the fin box and make a new one or making several spreaders to search the best compromise between weight and strength…
Hope that you will understand and I will be always glad to receive propositions for better solutions, please do no hesitate. The forum is here for that purpose.
Fortunately, my best learning are coming from my infinite number of mistakes !!!