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hey guys im new here, some of you mite know me from other forums (lol im on too many of them). but i’ve been sailing one design boats since i was 5 and started out in an opti, and now im sailing laser radial and having a blast! i’ve been playing around with rc sailboats for about 7 years now (im 15) it all started out with my uncle’s fairwind he gave me after he bought a cr914. once megatech released i thought “hey this mite be the cheap way for me to get a better proforming boat” and i was wrong… the sails felt like laminated tissue paper, the electronics were cheap, the range was horrible, the servos could not get the job done, and not to mention, the electronics bow was to high in the boat and the electronics box held water inside and basicalyy soaked the electronics.

after that my nirvanna sat on the wall like this for about 2 years

and recently i’ve decided to fix all of megatech’s flaws and here’s how its looking after grinding the insides out :cool:

im am trying to save up and buy new electronics, for a sail servo im useing a hitec hs-645mg and i plan on useing a 2.4ghz radio system and one of the new LiFe battery packs, i’d use lipo but im afraid something stupid would happen nd i’d be swiming trying to find melted pieces off the bottom of the lake :lol: lol theres still a mark over at my local race track where my tt-01 had a lipo explosion, not a fun day…

but thanks gor having such a great forum full of great infi :cool: later i’ll post a build thread to show all the things im doing and all the things to come