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My name is Nick, I live in Brisbane on the southside, I currently sail a Robbe Windstar IOM and decided to build a Footy after reading this forum. I have had a hiatus from sailing for about 8 years, used to sail with a great group in Adelaide in the parklands there, i joined the defence force so sailing took a back seat, now settled in Brisbane so can persue hobbies again. Just joined the Logan marine modeling group who have a similar attitude to sailing ie. run what you brung and have fun.
Joined this group because of the excellent sailmaking discussion. I read, built the simple device of Claudio’s and produced the best set of sails I have ever made (still room for improvement) sailed in the club regattas second race and came 2nd against Marbleheads, IOMs and other assorted boats Awesome!!. anyway looking forward to learning.
PS, I couldent find the specific Introductions folder so I posted here hopefuly right place.

Welcome aboard Nick

Another Aussie!