New member to Forum

Howdy, my name Matt, and currently live in central Massachusetts. I’ve been involved years ago with radio controlled cars and used to race at K/N Speedway back around 1988-1991 when the racetrack was in the Clubhouse of Stafford Springs Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs CT. I left the R/C hobbies for a while and looking to get back into something a little more involving, and more of a challenge, as anyone can build a car from a kit and modify it to race. So read a copy of Wooden Boat magazine, and I started to do more research on the subject of model yacht building and sailing. It’s become somewhat addicting, and the Footy class looks like my forte due to apartment living and having a regular cab open bed pickup truck doesn’t leave much protected (lockable) storage space (I was looking at the 36/600 class also but might be problems with storage)

Looking foreward to learning what I can, having fun building and sailing a model I’ve built, and possibly trying to freesail a footy also.


aka Sportsman Matt