new member, not new to the hobby

well hi guys, im Rob im from Oakwood Georgia. i have two RC sailboats, a Kyosho fairwind (one of the first that was released) and a megatech nirvanna. the fairwind i salvaged from my uncles closet to fix, to my surprise the only thing in need of reoplaceing was the wires going from the battery pack to the reciever after that it was back up and running with all original electronics and to this day is the most realible rc i own (out of all my rc cars, planes, etc). the nirvanna on the other hand had a very hard life, it was a christmas present from when i was about 10 i soon realized it was badly engineered and was completely toy grade, i tried to correct this by putting on CR-914 sails, a HS-645MG sail servo and modifying the rig but do to the very bad design all the electronics sat in water and killed the electronics and left to sit on my wall until i slowly started working with it in my spare time redoing the insides and rigging aqnd fixing some of the thing that greatly disgusted my in my earlier age. im also in the process of rebuilding my friends hurricane rc sailboat for him. later i will post a build threat for the hurricane and the nirvanna, in the thread for the hurricane i can also give my opinion of it and what i told my friend before he bought it trying to warn him.

on another note heres a little bit about me:
well as i said above my name is Rob i’m 16 and i’ve been sailing my entire life i started in opti and now im into lasers where i’ve been very sucessful i feel for a junior sailor, i’ve won the SAYRA championship last year in laser radial, i won the jr windmill nationals 2 years ago i believe, i have also won the junior week at my sailing club for the past 3 years in laser full. i’ve been forcing myself to sail the frostbite series at my sailing club every weekend during the winter which has helped me improve alot more then you (or i) could believe. ever since i was 5 i’ve wanted a CR-914 (i actually mite be buying one in the next week or so, but if this guy backs out then i’ll be posting on the forums looking for one, hence you can PM me :p) ever since i saw them race at my sailing club i’ve wanted one, and now 11 years later there over 30 in the fleet but only 2 are willing to race and no one really wants to sail there’s, we need one more to race so im trying to get one so we can start racing again and maybe spark some intrest. i also used to have a large collection of rc cars but i have since sold alot and have been focusing on other things. i am currently employed with Gill North America (some of you sailors will know what Gill is) but thats pretty much me.

Only 16 and a great sounding resume!!

Just out of interest, when do you sleep?!! In all seriousness, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your successes to date & I look forward to reading your refit logs etc.