New member, new Victoria

Hello from snowy Colorado. My name is Mark and I’m researching a Victoria sailboat to sail with the Harbor Lake Model Yacht Club in Loiusville.

Try and brows through the links and info there. When you have questions, speak up and someone will answer them!

Hi Mark and welcome. Good choice on the Victoria. Well if the club sails them or are going to, there will be plenty to see and learn too. Hew gave you an excellent site and reference point to start your research. Since being introduced to the Victoria I was hooked. I now own two. One is an Okanagan rigged specific for racing from the top down with both a lead and steel bulb keel. You will read about that in your research too, it is quite a topic. Its first racing season will begin this spring. The other I use for a testing boat and to determine my racing boat’s configurations, also rigged moderately well with a nice set of Carr Sails.

Have fun with the Victoria, its a sweet little boat.