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G’day Mates
Got started in RC through some buddies who enjoy spending my money for me! That was a number of years back and I’ve since become an active RC sailboat skipper and from there moved in to RC aircraft. Since retirement, I have able to spend many happy days working on my boats and planes, not to mention the great fellowship with my friends that enjoy sailing and flying.

My friends and I are fortunate to have property in a place that has a number of lakes suitable for sailing and land enough where we were able to carve out an AMA rated flying field. We like to go flying in the mornings when the winds are mild and go sailing in the afternoon when the winds develop into some pretty nice conditions for rc sailing.

I am an active member on several other RC forums and have made many great friends through those venues. It is all good. I have learned a great deal about RC sailing and flying and will continue to learn from forums like these and from my sailing and flying friends.

I am a retired Sales Manager - lived most of my life in Orange County, California, but recently found a new home in the Wine county of Temecula, California. We moved there in March of 2012. Wonderful town, beautifull country and a much slower pace than the big city! One grown daughter and one wife (40+ years ) and 3 dogs!

Well that’s my story. Looking forward to learning some new things here:D


Welcome Boomer, we know each other from another forum where my avatar is KoneWone (with the Sprinter) sounds like you have nice place in retirement and all the time in the world to fly & sail …I’m envious :slight_smile:

Cheers Alan

Hey Alan,
Good to see I already have a friend here! I am fortunate indeed to be able to pursue this great past time at some degree of ease. I posted a few photos of our airfield and of a few of the lakes we have to sail on. Not sure if I have shared these with you before but, others here might be interested in the area.

The property is on and surrounded by a golf course within a private RV resort. We have been into to motorhomes since back in the mid 80’s and have enjoyed seeing this beautiful country via our motorhomes since. These places have become very popular around the country and provide those of us that do this with great places to travel to and to keep as a 2nd home.

There are a few of the guys on the rcgroups forum that have RVs and enjoy the same kind of places in their areas, so all in all things are pretty good.

I still would love to own a Sprinta! What a wonderful boat and a testiment as to how far this hobby has come! Stay in touch Alan. Good to chat again!


Boomer - welcome to this forum - looking forward to your contributions to RC Sailing for the new folks here… as well as the seasoned veterans.


Hi Boomer. Are you the same boomer I sold a 612 to?
Welcome lots of good stuff here.

That would be me! Thank you again! I have not the boat in the water yet do to projects here at the house, but look forward to getting it on the water very soon. I have the boat on a cabinet in my office along with a few other of my favorite rc boats - It’s size makes it a very good display model.

Thanks Dick. Always on the look out for an opportunity to learn and to be able to share/help when appropriate.