New member in VA with a Nirvana

Hello all,

My family and I just returned from a trip to NC and the Museum of Life & Science where they have an RC sailing pond with about 6 boats.

We had so much fun playing with them that we are thinking of getting a boat to sail on a lake that is local to us here in Virginia. I’d like to get some advice on the boat I’m thinking of purchasing.

It’s a Nirvana made by Megatech International and comes as a complete kit, radios, batteries and all that is needed to get started right away out of the box for $314.00 from a distributer called SailRC. It is a one-design which I understand is good for several reasons, resale value being one, meeting racing specs without a lot of fuss, another.

We’re not really interested in building at this point and just want to get out on the lake and play. My children are 5 and 9 and seem to really be into it…we could’ve spent all day at the pond I think!

Appreciate any advice to help us get started!

Thanks, -TK

Where in Virginia are you located? There are several clubs in the North: NVMYC sails in Reston (just West of Dulles Airport), and RMYC sails in Glenn Allen (just West of Richmond). Both clubs sail the RG65, the NVMYC sails Victorias and Soling 1-Meters, the RMYC sails Seawinds. If you are close the either club, or know of anyone sailing near you, I suggest looking into what type of boat that group sails.
Commodore, NVMYC

Nirvana is a great “get out and play” boat. Highly recommend it for having fun, and as a first boat. Very good resale value if it gathers too much dust.



welcome to VA I too sail with Scott in NVMYC and with the boys in Richmond form time to time.

Really look long and hard at the classes of boats that are sailed nearby. Always much more fun to sail with others who are sailing the same class of boat.

We have an upcoming sailing weekend on Sunday in Reston. We usually have some extra boats. if you are nearby. you should really look us up…

We also have a local guy who makes hulls for the RG65 class. Nice activity to build a boat with the young un’s…



I may have a line on a couple of ready to sail victorias that would be well under the price of a nirvana.

shoot me a pm if you are at all interested.

Turbo Schwinn is the North American dealer for Nirvana - once on that site find their bargin tab, you should find new Nirvana’s for about $199.00 give or take a buck. Those are the previous version which is identical with the exception of the radio - which comes with a 27mhz radio and the newer version comes with a basic 2.4 ghz. Most of us up grade the factory radios at some point anyway -

There are many fine boats to choose from - knowledgeable RC enthusiasts I know agree the Nirvana as the best first boat - To find out everything you every may want to know about a Nirvana I suggest visiting the Nirvana thread at it is the most active thread on that forum - lots of fun people active on it, it is much more than a thread that limits itself to Nirvana chatter -

Like many that joined this forum, I am active on several other RC forums, and find by joining several I can learn from a larger group of rc sailors - I enjoy RC aircraft, but by far RC sailing is my favorite.

My first boat was a Nirvana and after all these years I still have one amoung my collection (which is up to 10 sailboats, some power boats and some aircraft.) I have never had anyone I recommened a Nirvana to, complain! - most of them are now active on the Nirvana thread - many have added other more expensive boats to their fleets, but like most owners, keep them for years.

I posted a photo of my Nirvana for you to take a look at - I like many like to personalize my boats but adding or upgrading here and there. Please feel free to contact Steve Lang at - his cell phone is 615 773 2920 He is a life long sailor and expert rc sailor - great guy to talk with and is always happy to answer questions.

I’d be happy to chat with you about the many other options out there - to name just a few: Mirco Magic, Proboat’s Westward 18 and Serenity, Thunder tigers’s Victoria, Voyager and ETNZ - Victor Models V 32, Soling 1 M and there are the Hobbyking boats - lots of choices for sure - If you’d like to chat send me a PM with your nunber or let me know I’ll send you mine.



We are still hoping to hear to Turbo Schwinn… We are always looking for members for our club or to help him get hooked up with another club thats local to him…

IMO my second concern for any first-timer is to get a boat that’s easy to build/assemble withing their time/budget constraints/skill level. The most important factor is if you are planning on racing with a club is to build a boat that the club races. We race Solings, Victoria and rg65’s and we have had several folks come out with nirvana’s, and seawinds, and other off the shelf boats. We never turn them away and we always help them were we can. but they never seem to stay around long. not sure if its the fact they don’t like being the “lone wolf” or it was just a passing fancy, or if they don’t like racing…

From a comraderie standpoint having a boat the club races helps with a common interest/goal… and gives you the ability to gauge your skills as a racer amongst similar boats…

when I joined the NVMYC many years ago I almost got an off the shelf boat from ebay, that was not a boat the club raced. a few members talked me into buying a victoria as my first boat. I am so glad that I did as I would have wasted money on the first boat by either buying a Victoria eventually or becoming disinterested and having the boat end up collecting dust as I’m sure many do.

Don’t take this as a knock on the Nirvana. The key is to make sure the buyer buys a boat they will be happy with and be able to participate in local events, and get local assistance if thats where their focus may be.

G’day Marc
No argument here. Interestingly, here in Southern Ca, we have what I believe is one of, if not the largest RC sailing club hosted as I recall by the Long Beach Yacht Club. At least 100 members have Nirvanas and race in varying numbers each week. Might be more of “rum run” kind on thing, if you get my drift. This venue has provided an environment that seems to attract and keep their members active.

Unfortunately, I live too far away to join the fun out there. Sadly, the reality is that most RC sailors don’t race. The success of the Nirvana has been that they are simple enough to put together and sail that it encourages the new comer, and by design is complex enough to maintain the interest of advanced sailors for years and years. With that said, these boats are a ideal “stepping stones” for a new sailor to be able to enjoy their first sailing experience, by having problem free experiences on each outing, encourages them to grow into the hobby which leads them into more other and different RC yachts.

Time and time again I see this happening, thus my strong belief in the Nirvana as the right way to go for most. Some guys are ready IOMs, scratch building, kits etc. As a wise man once said “what ever floats your boat”. That was my own experience and seems to hold true for those individuals I have observed as they enter this terrific hobby.
It is all good! :cool:

Boomer -
Before I would recommend a Nirvana to anyone - especially if they are new to r/c classes and possibly desire to race, is to have Steve Lang and AMYA get together and “FIX” the secretary/rules issue that will quickly turn folks away from the class once the bad comments start getting aired about who is really running the show, and what the rules are. You are aware of the issues from other sites, so my suggestion is to tell the new buyer to be careful how it is set up, and to whom he/she listens or else they will have a plastic door stop that isn’t class legal.

Either the boat is AMYA legal for racing and the class secretary is as announced in AMYA Class pages, or it is the “take-over” one without any AMYA backing. Regardless that it is a “Manufacturer’s Class” - there can only be one class secretary and one set of rules if the boats are intended to maintain any resale value. At this moment there appear to be two.

Only my opinion - I could be wrong

I appreciate your comments - My recomendation is not based on any politics that may be present between the AMYA and Megatech. To me it is a non-issue. It is my understanding that Steve Lang has a good rapport with the guys at AMYA. As I read the rules in this type of class, the manufacturer decides and establishes a secretary.

The fact is that there is only one Nirvana Class Secretary - there is another gentleman that was, and he was replaced - From what I can tell, it is very possible that Mr. Leathers is at the root of the confusion. I have a copy of the letter published by Megatech that clearly states who is the current Secretary, a fellow named John Malek and that the other chap is not. That’s what I know about it. Happy to provide a copy of that letter - I am sure you have seen it on the Nirvana thread - but if not let me know - happy to shoot you a copy.

In the past, the fellows I raced Nirvana’s with ran stock boats - my boat had only minor mods that are acceptable when I raced it. I have since upgraded to a stronger servo for the usual reasons and I don’t race it any more, just use it for pleasure sailing and “ad hoc” or “street racing” with some friends - just one rule , have fun!

So in conclusion - I stand firmly on my suggestions regarding a Nirvana. As I pointed out, there are many fine choices out there - and I am happy to provide any information any boats that I may have information archived to help new commers, or old ones too.:smile3: I know you are a wealth of knowledge in this area and respect your opinions and knowledge.

As for me, I am not into helping anyone make my hobby into a political “free for all” or football. This is such a great past time, it shouldn’t be contaminated with igo issues.

Whatever may be going on between the two entities doesn’t change my view of the Nirvana’s benifits to a new commer. As you well know, most RC boaters are not racers and those that do will decide for themselves what’s best - I suspect, sooner than later whatever deferences may be present will be resolved.

I have 10 RC sailboats right now and like all of them. As time and funds permit, I hope to be able to enjoy others in the future. I hope to be able to actually build some boats in my new hobby shop - I’ve enjoyed building a few kits V 12, V32, Mirco Magic, Seawind, Yamaha etc. but somewhere deep inside there is a scratch build in me. Time will tell.