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hello,my name is screenname is deepwater.i have been sailing r/c boats for a long time.i currently have an ec-12,a soling1meter,a vintage marblehead,a vela,3 victorias,a dragonforce 65,a victor avalon 44,soon to have a scale 110 class sailboat,will be building a 1/4 scale tomcat catboat,and over this winter a vor60- possible stretched to a 65.i live in lansdale,pa and belong to the chester springs model yacht club.i also enjoy full scale boat racing,my favorites are the jersey speedskiffs.and a true passion of mine is photography.
thank you,fair winds,john
thank you claudio for the vor60 and vor70 plans

Welcome John, and apologies again for the registration problems. Looks like you are all set to go with all rights granted.