New Manufacturer

I just wanted to let you know that I am tooling up several hulls at the moment with several more heading that way. While I am waiting for the new EC-12 mold (I am #3 on the list) I am tooling the Soling 50, Santa Barbara, and no less than 3 J boats (Ranger, Endeavor II, and Shamrock V) I may add Rainbow to the list later on depending on how fast things progress.

I already have the old “A” class displacement hull 6 Meter, the “Half Meter” which is a shortened version of the Santa Barbara, Kubernettes which is a large “A” class boat that is equal to the smaller J boats at 8’ hull and 80 lbs displacement. Further back on the burner at this point is the 36/600 and AC class hulls. We are going to attempt to supply everything in line for setting up and sailing from the minimum hull to complete kits ready to sail. The AC class, J class, and “A” class boats are capable of being set up with a Genoa jib that signifigantly changed performance and sailing technique. This will all be under the one roof of LUDWIG MANUFACTURING. The website will be up ASAP. Many things are popping here and it is a very exciting (albeit crazy busy) time for us all. I have been working closely with an aviation related R&D operation for many years, and we have some radical ideas that will be tested in the upcoming year and hopefully atleast one of them will amount to something. I look forward to promoting the R/C model yacht community, and helping get boats to people that want to enjoy this wondeful past time.

Larry Ludwig

[:-thumbu] Hey Larry -

best of luck in your endeavor! Takes a lot of work to get set up and cover overhead and startup costs. Certainly hope the r/c sailing community will be appreciative of your efforts with their support.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to support this hobby/spot! I wish you well.

PS - sorry - thought you were in Florida!


Yeah… no kidding… I thought I would just make a few boats… then we started new molds, then not enough shop space, tools… that compressor won’t support that many tools at once… oh might as well build a NEW SHOP… heheheh yeah, about $20,000 later… maybe I can get a boat in the water for ME to sail… sheeesh… man is that trailer gonna cost… oh well…