New Logo For

Been busy looking for a new logo for the site so that I can start to redo the frontpage. I wanted some feedback on some of the logos here.

These logos were made by

this one!!!

chad,may i sugg you invite ideas from the forum,i found all logos (boat)strongly resembled dhows.perhaps this may be to long winded.

Why change it?

Rusty - dhows…Now that you mention it, they do look a lot like that. I have opened this up to the forum. Instead of just choosing one I decided that I should get some feedback and maybe some possible ideas of revisions for the logos.

Currently I do not have a set logo to build around. I am looking to clean up the frontpage, (get rid of the invalid links, drive more content from the board, make it all CSS instead of tables and better SEO)
I would also like to incorporate shirts and stickers in the future with the logo.

I went through thelogocompany half way as a test to see what they would give back to see if I would recommend them to other clients. With the purchase of a logo I get unlimited revisions once I choose a logo to go forward with.

Honestly, I don’t like any of them. I like the way you have it right now. I can read it without having to study it. That first one on the list, the letters are so run together I can not even make it out with spelling it out.

I think you should stay with what you have,


Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify you are referring to this one?

None indicate RADIO sailing. Just sailing. Maybe somes ort of signal eminating from the mast may give an idea.


R/C SAILING says it all and plain and loud and clear… don’t know how you can improve on that. Everything the marketing people say is that is all you want. Now… add a picture to it after that… sure… why not… but the big black data block well… that’s what you want to Git er done.


How about this?

idea /:jump2: