New laser owner

hi everyone, couldnt find a welcome thread so i put this on here, i just got a laser from a club memebr should be alot of, iv used it many times and have tons of fun, just wanted to say hi, also my rc flying club is haven a flaot fly/ regatta for any one interested its in elizabethtown kentucky of july 16th, i can post more details.

Welcome to I encourage you to post some more information or a thread about the upcoming event. After the event is it nice if you follow up with pictures and maybe some commentary.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

thanks, oh trust me ill have plenty of pics, since i only opter a sailboat and recovery kayak the hole time i should get a chance to do video as well, i know of only one other sailboat thats gonna be there, no idea waht yet, pics to come!

where are the pics?

oh i forgot to link it here, haha, here ya go,
i had to do this, the file sizes are to be for this forum. hope ya dont mind

wait, you race your laser against people w/ jibs?

it looks like they got teh pwned though…

how did you do in the race(s)?

we where just free sailing, no races, since there was only 2, and it didint take long to find out the laser was alot faster hehe,

you know, when i sail real lasers, they go alot faster and plane when they’re flat.
How do you keep rc boats flat?

and does it still go as fast and get planing whne they’re heeling?

oh one more thing, how much are rc lasers?

i try to keep in flat as possible by moving the sail , these are some of the best most durable rc sail boats out there, heres the only site you can get them

awesome man thanks, i think it’s a little steep for right now…

once i get a job and some real money, i’ll look at those laser’s again…

i got mine used, might try ebay you may find a deal on one, good luck! these are tons of fun

i look around, but for now i’ll stick with my nirvana