New landyacht build

Mark Barden of Western New York State has been building a K1 model from my plans. His early progress is looking so nice I just had to show it off. Nice job Mark!!
Bill K
ps; There’s an ongoing build blog of the design at:

It turns out that Mark’s neighbor Mike has also been building a model. Looks like he did a great job:

Here’s some views of the boats on ice. Unfortunately the Wind Gods were not cooperating.

One of the guys says he has “too much time on my hands”. “Mike got the bug real bad!! I pray we get wind and ice soon or he’ll have another 2 or 3 ice boats built” according to his buddy. I recommended signing up for a 12 step program as soon as possible. Here’s what he came up with using leftover material from the first model:

And one would naturally (???) wonder … how long before a FOOTY land-yacht or iceboat?


Well, Dick, what’s that old axiom about “there’s not much new under the sun” or something like that…or “reinventing the wheel”?

Add the electronics (which were probably not available when this design came out) and there you have it: a Footy landsailer. The main thing I would change is to reverse the rig, so the steering would be at the front. Stern steerers are notoriously unstable.

I have some, just havent had time to get them on yet. BTW I now know I dont need new studs in the front to get front wheel spacers, the fronts are nice and flush with this combo.

awesome…did you build it by yourself or someone help you?

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