New IOM?

Thinking about new boat, considering a Goth MK14 or a John Taylor’s Shiriz. Any comment?

One of the guys here has a Goth. It seems like very good boat.

Hi Don, I find Frank Russell designs very good - he designed the Goth and the MX with Maurizio and now he’s done the XP which is available to download on his site.

here is a link to his facebook page where you’ll see my new one a wodden XP built by a friend of mine in Northern Ireland. I’ll be able to tell you more in a few weeks as I take possession of my new boat, build the rigs and install the electrics.

Over here we have had a lot of discussion on IOM designs over the past few month and we decided to go for Frank’s design - The Goth is good, the MX is better, the XP well it remains untested for now but being an evo of the MX I suspect it to be close enough. With my friend who got his MX we will be doing 2 boat tuning soon to see the differences and report to Frank then.

hope it helps

The link didnt come though… I am interested in seeing the xp myself

Thanks Dick for adding the link - not sure why the link on my post didn’t work.

Anyhow, yes the wooden one is for me built by a friend up in Northern Ireland. Expected to have 100-250g of corrector to bring her up to weight.

Hope to collect her later this week and start building the rigs for her then.

It will be a big change from my V6 and I expect to match the Britpop/V8/cheinz design.

can’t wait to get her in the water but it won’t be until late in May as I’m going to France for 2 weeks in early May.

I’ll post feedback once I have her on the water


Here is the link to Frank’s website and you’ll find the plans there - Frank is a great guy - check his site

and here is the site just in case my link didn’t work