New IOM on the water

I figured 95% done was done enough to throw it in the water. So here is a picture from the maiden voyage of my first IOM.

She still needs a paint job, a bow bumper, and have all the rig placement figured out and optamized. . . but she floats and sails as expected. Looking forward to some windy races!

<font color=“red”>Warning, not the smallest of files (but not that big)</font id=“red”>

VERY nice…I am getting jealous!



_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


she looks great, what design is she?

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Dan . …

100% original design, from soup to nuts (I never understood that saying . . . )

The design name has come to be known as “Phi”

you can read up a little on the building log at the minuteman model yacht club website.
in the boat building section.


tb she’s a nice looken boat mate ,congrats on a job well done! you wouldn’t happen to have a set of plans i could buy or know where to get them, would you ?

such is life!

I have the plans in my CAD system . . . I have not decided if I am going to make them available or not though. I want to make sure the design is worth while before making it available to anyone. If I do elect to make them available at some point, they will be published, and made free to all to make one for personal use.


all i want them for is personal use, i have a little collection going .i may build them all one day but ihave a lot to do so one more wont hurt.

such is life!