New International Footy Rules!!!

Great news, Footy fans!!!

Brett McCormack and I have been working with Roger Stollery (legendary UK skipper) for the last few months to refine our rules into an international set. Roger is presenting this set to the British MYA, and I will do the same for the US AMYA.

We set ambitious goals to come up with a set of rules that are simple, encourage innovation, and allow for all levels of racing…from kids building club boats up to serious designer/racers. Additionally, we didn’t want the new rules to obsolete any existing boats.

As you might imagine, there were challenges (and some emotional discussions) but we were committed to finding the answers. The rules as you see them now represent our best starting shot. We think it’s likely that they will be refined over time, particulary with regard to rig size, as we gain more experience racing these little gems.

Thanks to Brett, as always, for his dedication to this class. Kudos to Roger, for initiating this collaboration and especially for the beautiful job on the illustrations. And thanks to the many others whose suggestions and critique helped shape the outstanding result.

I had trouble posting the new rules here, so Wis did it for us. Unfortunately, they’re in the General Discussion area under a thread Brett started called Really Small. We’ll get them moved here as soon as we can.

We’ll also be coordinating international Footy registration. We’ll start with New Zealand, the UK, and USA…and add more countries as interest develops. More on the registration topic as we work out the details with the country coordinators.

Bill Hagerup

Hi Guys,
Outline of the new rules is attached.

Here is the official rule.