New interest RG65 member -Portland Or. U.S.A.

Ahoy ,
I am looking for another class of boat to build/race. One of the classes I am presently involved with apears to be dieing.
Looking for class that is a small boat, somwhat realistic in sailing, and not dependant on ONE manufacturer. RG65 apears
to be the right prescription.

Chris Brundege, Portland,Or.

Hi Chris,

There is a rapid growth of IOMs going on the the PNW, both in Oregon and Washington, with cross border racing with the BC group.

In case you are not a member, there is a club in Portland.


Hi Chris -

you will get all sort of competing suggestions. While the IOM Class (as John notes) is developed and racing in the Northwest, the RG-65 Class is 30 years old (South American), but recently was acknowledged as a mew AMYA class here in the U.S. - so while we may not have the numbers of memebrs or clubs that the IOM class does, we can point to a boat that is about 1/3 the size of the IOM, and (probably) 1/3 the cost. [smile] At 25-1/2 inches in length, and a maximum mast height of 43 inches, these can remain rigged and in their boats stand inside a standard minivan. Makes for easy transportation - and pond-side rigging is not necessary.

Please check out the forum threads elsewhere on this site, and also visit the RG65 Class discussion group on Yahoo Groups.

Thanks for considering our class.

Dick Lemke RG-65 USA # 05

Alternatively you can take advantage of an already established regional sailing program that includes both Victoria and IOM Classes. Clubs in Oregon, Washington and B.C. have put together a busy schedule of 1 and 2-day events for 2011 that maximize sailing and minimize travel. If you are interested e-mail me direct and I’ll provide details, or contact OMYC as they are part of the action.

Rod Carr, Seattle MYC