New Home Page creation

Those of you have been long time members may know that I have gone through some different homepages. I am still looking for one that will fit this forum. I have started a new one at … If you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think. It is definitely still a work in progress but I think it is now in the right direction.

Anyone on twitter?

Chad -

here at work, anything with the word “blog” is now being blocked. They consider them “personal” pages, and like Facebook, etc. prefer that employees not go to them.

I like the design and layout - is your plan to feature a variety to top articles - or is this really going to be a “FOOTY” site?

Just wondering, as the articles below are informative and make for good communications - but would hate to see the “froum” concept disappear.

Just my $ 0.02 worth.


Thank you for your reply and continued support.

I am hoping to feature some good tutorials and or articles at the top. :slight_smile: The footy at the top just happens to be a place holder

Do you think having rewards and contests for best written articles would attract more visitors to the site. Or do you think it would detract people from sharing in the forums?

I have seen many technology sites successfully encourage more membership and sharing using contests but I wonder if it would work here?

I enjoy the current forum format. I like to read other posts and sometimes provide my 2c worth.

When a site has a more complex home page, I tend to bypass it and link directly to the forum.

I am happy to share my ideas and fittings and discoveries. Personally, I don’t need a prize as an incentive.

Bottom line…content is worth more that style. (and the content here is great):zbeer:

I tend to agree with John - in that your web content, more than gimmicks will pull people to the site. Simply look to your forum “topics” and note those with the biggest followings. Those who come to read have found those topics are the ones they seek. I don’t think you can be an “end all” for every boat, every class and every possible topic, but picking and choosing of the most often read makes sense to break off on their own - and being able to easily find the information (as John noted) must be easy.

Nice graphics will bring people to the site - but good information (and useful information) will keep them coming back.

Also keep in mind, that dial-up still is being used, so any web site that takes a lot of time to load videos as part of it’s header will quickly turn people off. I know of a couple (non-sailing) where even with broadband here at work, takes time load befoe you can get to the content.

You are doing a swell job, and with your approval, we moderators are managing a better job of killing off any SPAM that happens to arrive.

Keep the site clean, relevant and formatted for easy finding of topics is most important - at least to me.

And before I forget - thank you again for you continued support of thehobby. Together we’ve come a long way since your first forum and with each one, they get better - mostly because of the folks you attract with your topic areas.

My most sincere thanks for those efforts. It’s a long way from back in the late 1990’s - right ? :wink:

Dick Lemke