New Hampshire Footy Regatta June 14

Hi all,

The SanAntonio Footy Challenge will be held on June 14 at Lily Pond in Gilford, New Hampshire. Start time is 10:00 am.

This is the first chance this season for all you New England Footy skippers to get out and play with other Footy guys, so come on out! I know there’s a number of Footy sailors in Connecticut, so get a car pool together. And you guys in Maine are right next door…come on over. You Mass guys know the way, too.

This is to be a fun race, so it’s open to any Footy, whether registered or not. Footy class rules will be followed, except that any three rigs can be used during the event.


Hope to see you there.


Well, this might just work out. I have a wedding to get to the day before in MA. If I can arrange things, I’ll see you at the pond.

Is Lily Pond the one next to the airport? Are there any other family friendly events or attractions nearby? I found that it’s Laconia Bikeweek then but that’s not exactly what we’re looking for.

Hope to see ya soon

I’ll be by to see how it’s done.

John, that would be a nice surprise! I’m not sure about the family stuff…there’s lots of things in Weirs Beach, but bikeweek may be a problem. It’s pretty tame these days, but crowded and noisy. Let me think on it. There’s an outlet mall down the road in Tilton.

Gareth, it will be good to see you. Bring a boat if you have one that is something less than full size. :wink:


On the subject of Footy Regattas, I’ve been trying for years to get more model sailors to come and check out the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Center in Boston. IT is an Ideal venue in many ways. All kinds of places to park, nearby shops and amenities, its as long as a football field. I sail all kinds of boats there all the time. (not as much since my daughter was born last halloween)

Anyway, I’m thinking it would be a great place for a Footy regatta! I suppose I should simply take the plunge and pick a date and time some time in the fall and see if anyone comes.

more on that later

I made a youtube movie to show my fellow sailors about the pool-


Hi John…long time no see. You have the right idea, just do it! Make sure it’s OK with the owners, and pick a date. I’ll be there.


I’m thinking maybe some time in the fall with plenty of advanced notice.

I Need to look at local sailing schedule, calendar to avoid conflicts.

Any particular date wok for you?

I’m chummy with the security guards there, there was even a CR-914 regatta there a few years back so there is precedent.

alright I’ll do it!..(plunge)

If I get one boat to come besides my own it’ll be worth it.


I’ll come if Scott will be there to lend me a boat…

Jim Linville

Scott will be here, Jim…you’ll have to work out the boat thing with him…and we all know you just want to borrow one of his boats so you can beat him :smiley:

Also coming are Ed Roher, Alain Jousse, Allen Wright, maybe John Amoroso, and four or five of my clubmembers.

Looking forward to Footy fun!

btw…everyone is welcome! No experience necessary…this is to be a fun race open to anyone with a Footy. Just show up at Lily Pond on Sunday morning and join the fun!

How about the Micron? You were just getting the hang of it at the Nationals.

Sorry folks. I won’t be there after all. Too many competing interests, not enough time. Have Fun.

Go Scott, beat Jim with his own boat. :devil3:

All right! Thanks Scott. I can hardly wait. See you Sunday morning.


Forecast says 40% chance of showers, so bring rain gear, just in case.

Winds 4-6mph from the east. That means it will be at our backs, making it tricky to set up a good windward leg without the bouy getting too far away for Jim to see! Velocity sounds decent, though.

I’ll set up a sort of square, and if it’s too short we’ll do two laps.

Bring your own lunch…water and sodas will be supplied.

There’s no registration fee, but a $5.00 donation from those willing would help defray costs.

See you tomorrow!


I did not make it, sorry. Family obligations got in the way.

I’m sorry I didn’t make it. I got up and it was raining pretty hard and I wimped out.

We had a great time and we all got wet to boot. Scott took first no real suprise there lol. We had 10 boats and all sailed we’re doing better. Time for me to build a faster boat or get better thumbs lol.:lol:
P.S. Footies can sail all wet

Curses, I wish I’d made it.

We got wet, but we still had some fun…you no-shows missed out, so let that be a lesson ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, misery loves company, so join us next time…the way the forecast looks for the next 10 days, we might need to start on a bigger boat…and begin pairing up animals :smiley:

It really was fun, though, to be beaten by Scott and Jim yet again.

I think we’ll make a rule for the next regatta that Jim has to sail his own boat instead of Scott’s Micron…then we’ll find out how good he really is!

The fleet was small, but all the boats lasted through the day…a big improvement over last year. The level of performance was improved overall, as well, so some fun and close racing took place.

Here’s the scores:

  1. Scott Spacie 12 points Cobra3
  2. Jim Linville 16 Micron
  3. John Whalen 37 Amigos
  4. Bill Hagerup 40 Razor3 (Mystic version)
  5. Ronnie Jones 41 Am Footy modified
  6. Alain Jousse 42 Pipsqueak
  7. Paul McKitrick 58 Own design
  8. Byron McKitrick 60 Switchblade

Obviously, Scott and Jim had fun together, but the rest of us had some spirited racing vying for 3-6 places.

We’ll do it again, for sure! See you all in Mystic.


P.S. Since I can’t brag about my finishing position, I can’t help but point out that three of my designs took three of the top four spots. :wink: