New Guy

Hi All,

Im new here so i thought i would introduce myself. Im a high school aged guy but i have been involved with rc models (both boats and cars) for as long as i can remember! Currently sailing an RC Laser, CR 914, Seawind and a Wind Warrior (New Zealand made yacht, will explain more if there is interest!) Hopefully i can help and contribute to the great discussions around here!


welcome ryan
hope you have some fun and gain some new ideas. if you have any new ideas just post them. we are here to help each other
and again welcome:zbeer:

welcome! hope to see you around the site!:zbeer:

Hi Ryan,

welcome aboard, interesting to hear that you have a WindWarrior. Our fearless leader of the Woodlawn sailing club has one that his son sails and it does well for itself. There sure are not many of them around.



Would love to see pics of the WindWarrior (if you have them), other than their website haven’t ever seen one. Thanks

Hey everyone! Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Larry- you may know me from the rcu forums (rclark920)

As far as the Wind Warrior goes, i dont have my camera right now but as soon as i get it back i promise to have some pictures of it! But since there is some interest i will say a few things about it. First it is made in New Zealand by one man named Grant in his garage (he has almost 1500 sailing now around the world). I got to meet Grant and see the boats firsthand before getting one while on vacation in New Zealand and the main thing that sticks out about this boat is the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into each boat. They really are a work of art and i have nothing but glowing reviews about them! I will definately post more later as i have to leave now but i think u guys will be interested to hear about many of the innovations that grant has made on these boats!