New Guy to Footy

Hello, I am new to the Footy idea of R/C sailing but it looks like a lot of fun. I have designed and built quite a number of sailing boat models over the years, including a 12" Balmain Bug (does this count as a Footy?). Because I have just retired, I am looking for something nautical and not very expensive to fill my, now, considerable spare time and I found Footy sailing on the internet. After reading everything I could find, I looked for plans but could find none! I am keen to start building but I am at a loss to find anybody who sells fittings, plans and chandlery for these fabulous little boats. Can you help me please.
Best regards, Mike Duthie (Aberdeen, Scotland).

Welcome to the forum. I am aware of some plans available at … I have even seen some just use soda pop bottles to build their footys.

I too am building a footy. the link chad posted is the same place I got my plans. I went with the razor design for simplicity.

Woiuld you perhaps have comments about the Balmain Bug? Was it a free sailing hull or RC? Length? Rig? Keel setup? Carved or planked? Serious Balmain Bug wannabe here!